0 Ohm Resistor 3-Cell Battery Mod for Librem 14

It is version 1 and from the earliest batch, as it does not have a CMOS battery.

Really? is very interesting for some reason… :face_with_monocle:
As far i know there are Librem 14 v2 out already.


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Should be, you’d need to enable the UART console in coreboot, configure it for UART 2, make sure the GPIO pad muxing is correct (maybe do it in bootblock if you want bootblock tracing), etc.

BTW the EC ignores power button presses (either button) if the lid is closed and AC is unplugged, as resiliency to make sure it doesn’t spuriously wake up in a bag, etc. So you have to either plug in AC or open the lid a bit for it to respond to this power button.

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The RTC well (powers the CMOS RAM and clock) is also powered by the system battery, which means the CMOS battery is mainly for redundancy if the system battery is so discharged that it can’t power the RTC well.

We did start adding them though as loss of the RTC clock is more impactful to systems using PureBoot with a Librem Key than to the average computer that can just sync it again after boot. (The RTC clock relates to GPG key validity and TOTP if you use it as a backup for HOTP, all of which happens when there is no network connectivity.)

edit: And there’s no Librem 14 v2 yet, the minor revision made recently is called v1-02. Some components changed like the audio codec and CPU stepping, but there’s not really any functional difference so it’s still v1.


The minimum Coreboot and PureBoot version supported also changed to 4.21-Purism-3 and Release 28.2, respectively, although I do not recall any threads needing to specifically downgrade firmware for either Librem 14 revisions, only the Librem Mini v2.

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