2 Librem 5 Phones for sale

Hi, I ordered 2 Librem 5 phones in September 1, 2020. Due to changed circumstances I had to get two other phones now. This means I do not need these phones on order.

Would anyone like to buy these? I have checked with Purism that they will ship to new owner when phones are ready.

Any reasonable offer considered. Please email me at jukkako@gmail.com

Thank you.

Perhaps they could just backfill existing orders? (Other threads apply.)

Yes they will, but you never said/wrote where certain amount of money needs to be “shipped” to? Also, you never wrote if you’d like to sell your Librem 5 pre-order(s) separately? Selling two pre-orders separately, from September 1, 2020, will bring or ensure higher chance of recovering your, at that time, invested money (twice invested money):

Actually just hope that this “separation” idea of mine helps you to move further, considering that your kind offer should find somebody interested to buy your place in Librem 5 delivery waiting queue, very similar to this one: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/61/Queue-to-the-Louvre.jpg.

No, sorry, not USA version.

That would be great if they could…

I wanted to see first if anyone wanting to buy. Simple thing is to do bank transfer. Bank (IBAN / BIC) details can be emailed…

I can sell them separately no problem.

I hope this Librem queue moves quicker than queue in Paris…

Anyone making firm offers ???

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what is the bare minimum you want for both L5?