3 screens on L14?

Quick question: is it possible to use three external monitors with the Librem 14 by using a USB-C into 2x HDMI adapter?

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Maybe: Librem 14 USB C Port Dual Monitor Capabilities

Will depend on the specific dock / adapter used - and note comment about the resolution available (FHD only, not 4K UHD).


Well, I tried and using a cheap adapter from Amazon. Not only does it not work, but also my L14 immediately crashes and powers off. I tested on two other computers, and it worked fine on one, and didn’t work on another (but at least didn’t crash).

better to use the HDMI output + a USB-C->HDMI adapter instead

Yes, but in this case the HDMI is already in use since I want to use 3 external monitors. I can live with 2 though.

What concerns me is the fact that the laptop shuts down immediately if I plug a USB-C into 2xHDMI adapter. It hints at a problem in the hardware/firmware.

the Intel UHD620 GPU isn’t spec’d to drive 4 displays simultaneously (counting the internal). If you need more than 2 external, one of them needs to use DIsplayLink rather than the GPU

Thanks for the tip, I will look into that. However, getting DisplayLink drivers to work with Qubes might be too big of a challenge for me at the moment.

The problem of the laptop crashing is not related to having too many screens. By plugging the adapter with only one HDMI cable attached (thus 2 screens total, counting the internal), it already crashes.

no I’m aware, there are definitely some bugs with the USB-C/USB-PD setup that are under investigation