32GB RAM single slot compatibility with 13'

Installed it twice to make sure seating was good (there’s only one ways to insert it anyway). The 13v2 runs on an i5-6200U Skylake.

OK, here’s a punt. @taohansen Did this work?

I guess it is frequency mismatch. But mainboard should be able to slow down RAM frequency itself, isn’t it?

DDR4-2133, LPDDR3-1866, DDR3L-1600

I don’t think so - otherwise all the Librem versions would have the same problem? Look up the later CPUs and they show the same types of RAM.

How long have you waited on boot?

I can now only speak for a non-Librem, non-core boot computer I have upgrade to 32GB ram. But my experience says that it has to check the ram on First boot after installation, which for 32GB can take a minut or so.
But I also endes up discard the First 16GB block I bougth. Which I still believe just didnt work.

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surely you meant i7-6500U right?

I just wanted to chime in as well: I put the Samsung ram linked above in and it fired right up, after about a 20 second pause on first boot.


I have a Librem 13 v2.


I’ve tested that module here on a few 13v2’s here as well, no issues.

It’s important to remember that the Librems will take about 20s to boot whenever the RAM config changes, or whenever the firmware is updated, as the firmware has to perform RAM training to identify the proper RAM timings/config for the currently installed modules. This data is then cached and reused on subsequent boots until the config changes or the cached data is cleared.


My 13v2 has an i5-6200U - the same configuration that was tested e.g. in this review.

I gave up after about 10 minutes. :slight_smile:

But I was now able to try out the module on a different machine with an i5-7260u, where it also won’t boot. Suspecting it’s faulty I’ll try to return it and try another one.

Was any one of those sporting an i5? Because so far everyone else here seems to have had success only with i7s.


the one I tested on was an i7-6500U, but I also have an i5-6200U I can test later today


Just tested on a 13v2 i5-6200U non-TPM model, no issues booting the 32GB Samsung DDR4 module


Yay. Got a second identical module today and it also works on my i5-6200U. Thanks for everyone replying - I think if nothing else there is now solid confirmation for that line of 13v2s, too. :slight_smile:


Yeah pretty sure that it isn’t identical:slight_smile:

Let’s settle for identity of technical specs beside the practical fact that the second one is actually working while the first one was not.

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Confirmed. My Librem 13 v3 is running like a charme with Samsung 32GB 2666. Great stuff. (Next stop: Changing the wifi-card)

Just for anyone else who needs a more recent recommendation: I recently bought Patriot’s Viper Steel DDR4 32GB (1 x 32GB) 2400MHz SODIMM Single (Amazon UK) when my stock Kingston16GB stick started failing. It’s working great! Available in US too.

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