A minor problem with software updates

Today I’ve run into this, when checking for software updates:

  • How to find out what is causing this?
  • Where is a document describing what Software does behind the scenes when I hit the refresh button on the “updates” pane?

I can’t copy-paste text from this little baloon. Very annoying. Now I have to manually type “Failed to update metadata for lvfs: checksum failure” so that it can be searched for…


@Dwaff, please read about same problem within this thread:

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Thanks for the hint.

Just switching from ethernet to wifi “fixed” the problem. I still do not know what is going on, though. Remembernig a thousands of cookbook recipes for problems like this one is not a way to go for me.


Didn’t have time to investigate (or know how to do this) but somehow think that fwupd package is something available for the first time within PureOS Byzantium repo. IMO, very good direction and great progress that required (and still do) some expert handling and control from Purism Team side, or at least deserves some attention from users of PureOS. Thank you @jeremiah! Just preparation to get there was a lot of work, wasn’t it?

Few selected explanations here (beside another 53):

And under same link address is written: “When compiled with firmware support, it will check for updates periodically and automatically download firmware in the background. After the firmware has been downloaded a popup will be displayed in GNOME Software to perform the update.

sudo apt list fwupd
Listing… Done
fwupd/stable,now 1.5.7-4 amd64 [installed]

Short overview, all started here:

fwupd was promised to happen and from now on available within current PureOS distro:

All while kindly and repeatedly :grinning: insisted within LVFS main thread:

Having looked at the background (thanks for the initial hint, again), I have a vague idea of what is going on. Still I need to investigate why I got the checksum error when connected over the built in ethernet, and why it went away, when I unplugged the ethernet cable and enabled wifi via the kill switch. My hunch is that the firmware packages are only checked for actively used devices.

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