A modest proposal: let's face reality

American exceptionalism. Always these unproven accusations over and over again. Hong Kong is much better off than under British occupation (restaurants wits door signs: no dogs and Chinese allowed) and the Uyghurs use their own language and John Dear harvesting machines.

Why do we think that we have to criticize a country with 1/6 of the world population and a 3000 year history? Lets improve our own countries first.

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In one of the possible scenarios for a crisis with China, there is for example a war with Taiwan.
If there is a war in the region, I can imagine that the supply chains even for non Chineese components will get hugely disturbed.

What happens to peaceful cooperation?

If you compare the number of people who are immigrating from places like China to Western countries to the number of people who are immigrating from Western countries to places like China, one might come to the conclusion that something is exceptional about Western countries…


If you look to percentages of the population you may arrive at a different conclusion. Also, the migrants from China are manly expats and not poor (somebody has to install and maintain the high tech equipment we buy from them :stuck_out_tongue:). Compare that to the masses of migrants from Latin America, countries groomed by western powers for ages.

What I mean is that qualifying countries based on migration figures makes no sense. Maybe prisoners/population is a better indicator or homeless/capita?

It does if you neglect to take into account that there’s a river between countries A and B and an ocean between countries B and C.

Or if one does not use real data.
The population of the West if we define it as something like EU+US+UK+CH+NO+CA+AU is something like 800 maybe even 850 million people. So even if we count migration proportunately to the population, I doubt that for every 2 Chineese, there are more then 1 westerners moving to China. Even less so if we cover russia and Belarus.
Also if rich or poor are leaving is biased as it does not account for equal oppotunities to travel. A poor man would be less likely to receive a visa and to be able to fund an emigration across an ocean.
To show the South American countries to be failures due to being groomed by the West also ignores all kind of socialist experiments funded by the USSR during the cold war era.

As the proposed metrics prisoners per capita and homeless people are obviously faced towards the US, I would like to say:
In my opinion the USA failed pretty bad in the last 70 years. They failed to transform the position of the strongest economy in the World attracting the best minds in the World into a country with the healthiest, most educated people, working a 4 day work week. Yes, the USA failed to do this and I am sad that they failed.
But the fact that they failed and that they also did some pretty bad things in both internal and international affairs:

  1. Does not make the other countries better. Each country is different on its own.
  2. Does not give the right to other countries to repeat bad behaviour of the West.

The World is not black and white.
Nobody is only good or only bad.
But this does not mean that there should be no justise on both individual, local, and international level for the behaviour of people or organizations like countries or corporations.

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