A way to disable blinking red led?

That’s what I observe i.e. if I have put in on charge and I walk past and the red LED is off then I know that it has finished charging.

To be more explicit, please post output from

sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/tps6598x/0-003f/customer_use

Ok i may have spoken too soon, let me do some more testing. I might have assumed when it says 100% it stops charging, but that is probably not the correction assumption. Since the LED is still on, I will check if it is on after an overnight charge and when it goes to suspend.

Don’t know about my battery firmware, but I get 0x4c35445000000200.
What does that signify?

My question was actually intended for @Captain_Morgan but all good.

Your value signifies, as far as I know, the latest USB-C PD firmware. (First 4 bytes are ASCII “L5DP”. Remaining bytes are the version.)

Sorry, just curious, and a bit cheeky.
Nice to know I am up-to-date. Thanks.

It indicates that the battery isn’t being charged because of some kind of error (temperature too high, battery missing, battery broken etc.), but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the battery is discharging.

There’s no firmware there.

The percentage reading comes from the battery gauge which is a separate chip that doesn’t communicate with the charger, so it does not match the charging state exactly - however, the gauge reaching 100% usually means that the charger is about to stop charging in a few minutes anyway.

An exact indication of the charging being stopped is the red LED going off.

There is a newer firm than that.

The TI Controller in phone does not management the battery? I know that on battery side may only a thermistor to report temp. But anyways thanks for clarify.

No, this is the latest version. There is a update I proposed, but the change isn’t merged yet so it’s not a released version at this point.

TI BQ25895 is managing battery charging, but it does not have a firmware (or at least it’s not visible externally :stuck_out_tongue: )