Adding a Tested Accessories page to the Community Wiki

Continuing the discussion from Librem 5 media (photos and videos):

Since the community can’t add to this list in the source code, does anyone have a problem if I create a new page in the Community Wiki entitled “Tested Assessories” where people can list the hardware which they have tried to use with the Librem 5 and their results?

I’m thinking of the following sections:

  • Monitors/TVs
  • USB-C to HDMI cables
  • USB-C hubs
  • Headphones
  • Keyboards
  • Mice
  • Other

Fixed “accessories” to title. It’s a good list to have. May need two columns for URLs: the device product page and link to forum(s) where it’s discussed/developed/ticket etc. as the situation may change later.

I’d split the last category to “other technical/connecting devices” and “other supporting accessories”, as in things that do not connect (cases, lenses, screen protectors, third party batteries, battery chargers, cooling apparatus, etc. thingamajigs/whatsamacallits). Or maybe re-categorization can be done during yearly “spring cleaning” if needeed.

Maybe add MicroSD Cards as a category?
Or at least, since most should work, maybe something mentioning not to buy anything over 2TB in size or over UHS-I in speed? Just a thought.

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Thanks. I never realized that I mispronounce the word accessory, until you pointed that out. I tend to say |assessory| and not |aksessory|. Strangely, I always pronounce the word “access” correctly.

I wonder if this is a common mistake, or I’m the only one who says it incorrectly.

Good idea. We will probably need a section for M.2 cards as well to explain what card size, key type and interfaces are supported. I wonder if anyone will run something strange in one of the M.2 slots. It will be interesting to see if anyone will try out in other types of M.2 cards.

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Batteries. (three Triple-A’s?)


That’s not gonna go away any time soon, is it… :pleading_face:
But, in theory at least, it’s possible to build a batterypack that uses some form of aa/aaa/18XXX batteries. Or a solar charger attachment. Or hydrogen fuel cells. Or unobtanium.

Maybe this will be an incentive to create new kinds of cards and functionalities? You already listed several different M.2 cards in your post to another thread.

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Here is the wiki page:

Please add to it.


There are official accessories too:


I hope they have time to add descriptions to those accessories. Some technical details would be useful.
And like, if they are ordered with Evergreen, can we get them with the same shipment without extra shipping expense?