American just don't want privacy


is that available only on snoop-tube ?


It was up on CCC for a minute but now it’s producing an error 404:

I did another search and was able to locate a copy here:


I’d agree with that seeing as I’m aware of privacy issues and yet I whore my personal data to prodedge for cents on the dollar in amazon gift cards.


^ Hey, 20 cents is 20 cents.

In fact, I’ve wondered if almost everything in my online life being associated with a not necessarily not entirely untrue user profile has actually protected my privacy to some extent (kinda like peppering disinformation to obscure (?)) I’ve also found myself feeling somewhat indignant in recent years when asked if I ‘have a few moments to answer a few questions’ without offer of payment because I know my data/consumer opinion is a commodity on a very real level now.


I have spent some reflecting on your argument both directly and by proxy through this article post published on why PGP “should die”: One of the rhetorical questions I’ve ruminated upon is whether or not it’s valid to give up on email encryption because it’s forward-insecure. A totally valid assertion! Send an encrypted email -> it’s decrypted -> the decrypted contents gets forwarded unencrypted. So should PGP be extinct because of the numerous flaws in its implementation? And getting back to this argument, should effort be extinguished because of the numerous flaws in enrollment?

Perhaps not. I think I have changed my mind. Or rather, have decided to let it be changed by others. Your analogy with worker safety interests me. I remember reading someplace that in the United States, people are more likely to suffer hamstring tightness because we tend to lift everything, heavy and light, with our legs and thusly do not give them a chance to stretch. That’s some serious workplace safety engraining I suppose. I’m curious what the analogous practice would be for the digital life?