Android Fork with Root Access?

Could you please provide actual facts and/or data for your second point? Your paragraph was just a couple of opinions and a “could,” which by itself doesn’t mean anything.

Yeah look, I don’t expect you to simply believe me but I also think that if you don’t already agree that Linux is seriously flawed (security wise), it will be impossible to convince you either way, so I’m not really putting in much effort in trying to explain it. You’ll probably notice what I mean yourself at some point. Don’t mean to piss you off.

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This either means you don’t have an argument or that you think I’m so close-minded I can’t accept an opinion I don’t already have. But at the very least, we now both agree that we don’t want to pursue this any longer, so there’s that.


Hey look, I don’t mean to be disrespectful. I’m just being honest here, I’m tired and if I tried to articulate my opinion any further it would be a waste of time for me. I discuss here because I enjoy it quite a bit and I like what everyone here has to say, but to explain in depth would take a very long post and maybe a little research to ensure that I’m not making very factually inaccurate assertions. Admittedly, this is especially because my opinions are still forming and I probably won’t be able to provide the most satisfying response.

I’d never imply that you’re closed minded, you have your opinions and a well formed viewpoint. Having a strong stance on something such as this that extends beyond strict technical and factual points will mean that it will take a lot of effort to shift this view. You probably put a lot of your trust in user competency over vendor competency, and I can’t ask you to change this perception, it’s difficult to argue either way in terms of where you should place your trust.

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That being said, if I decided to say that I encourage people to leave their bootloaders unlocked and phones rooted, I’d be lying. I’m just giving the best and most honest opinion I can give, you can completely ignore me.

Wow, that after reading that I believe you’ve never heard of AppArmor or SELinux or unpriviledged containerization possibilities using LXC or Systemd-nspawn.
But anyway I have no intention to prolong the discussion.

You are of course free to believe what you want but the way you formulate your opinion sounds as if you really know Linux Kernel and carrying a huge list of vulnerabilities with you ready to be uploaded to the forum. So naturally people will want proof.

I think you would also agree with me when I say there is a huge difference between these two lines:
I believe … is less secure for doing … because it is lacking … [Opinion]
… is terribly insecure. [Claim]

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Anyone know if this board has the ability to block users?

Would be nice to put users like senshi on the ‘be quiet’ list.

Fair, my bad.

You’re looking for the “Ignored” list.

Seems like we might all be better off without yours.


Your rebuke is humbly accepted.