Another kill switch is needed?

It seems possible to use speakers as microphone

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there should be a BTO option to have the hardware stripped of stuff not needed:
Webcam, Speakers, microphone. all of them can be replaced with stuff i can easily carry around when i Need them.

We won’t have this as option for the time being. Perhaps in the future.

The threat seems to use the headphone/microphone jack and reverse them via software. This threat does not appear to utilize the outbound connection of the internal speakers.

That being said, we could consider offering a disconnected (meaning unplug the microphone, internal speakers, webcam) fairly easily as mentioned by Someone. This would not remove the threat linked to above (external headphones plugged into the headphone jack utilized as a microphone).

We could consider a ‘speaker’ kill switch that severs audio out from headphone jack and speakers…


Just the speakers, please!

Why? Because there is already an easy way for the user to sever the electrical connection between the headphone jack and the headphone coils: unplug the headphones, if any are present. This is easy to do, requiring no special care or tools.

By contrast, currently the only way to sever the electrical connection between the speaker headers and the speaker coils is to open the case and unplug the speaker cables from the headers, which is not wise to attempt without a screwdriver and an ESD workbench.