Are we wrong about Apple, Google & Facebook privacy?


My point is that nowadays most people do not want privacy. They do nothing to try to get it and will trade it away for the slightest convenience. How can you expect people to have their privacy respected while they are themselves offering all their information willingly to anyone that wants to give them a slight convenience for it?

I think that the core of the problem is people not caring about their privacy. Many people even directly state that they do not care about their privacy because they do nothing but watch porn anyway. How can we ever protect such people their privacy?

I think that everyone should have an option to privacy. But even that is difficult because the people who make privacy focused tools still need to feed themselves and keep their lights on so they need to get paid. However no one is interested in privacy so privacy is a bad business model.

So in order to get more privacy focused products, we first need more privacy focused people. Privacy needs to be a valid business model that people are interested in. I appreciate companies like Purism trying to help (or at least now I assume they are honest, but I have been disappointed in the past many times) and I love supporting them but right now an honest privacy focused company will always stay a small company because there is no market for that kind of stuff.


If that was remotely true, the big ones (FAANG, MS) would not have started to market their products claiming to be privacy respecting and Google would not have started the fake Privacy Project to convince us that they actually mean it.

But that’s not even important. People that come here belong to two groups.
Those who stay and the others.
Privacy may not be the main reason to stay for everybody, but it certainly is one of the high ranking ones.
As the number of people that stay is constantly growing, there really is no point in discussing that the majority does not (yet) care (enough).
Purism caters to those who care.
It is not their business model to appeal to everybody.


i was talking about the larger freedom concept not just privacy as a subset. you refer to “most” people - but most people have no concept of what software-freedom is let alone the bigger picture or why they should care because they are too busy chasing “the-convenience-mirage” offered by big tech (remember let’s try and stick to the context of Purisms mission)

this is the result of proprietary software on closed hardware that has gotten most people used to the fact that as long as there are a few billion proprietary devices connected everywhere on the planet it’s “affordable” for the average-joe to hold a “magic-black-box” in his hand and ask no questions while RMS’ way - from the very beginning - suggested that such practices will result in a cascading EVIL effect that will be very hard to counteract (unless the masses become aware of the real risks that surround the non-trust-assurance-granting technology)


by the way FaceShit is getting ready for the holidays …


Or maybe in the real world, development costs money.


Don’t say his name, he’ll hear you.


I think I understand what you were saying, and yeah, the “more Free than thou!” shaming really doesn’t help at all. Of course one should strive to embrace software Freedom as much as possible (for their own self preservation at the very least!) I credited you for knowing that already as you typed a non-troll post on the Purism forums :slight_smile:


look at the second post :wink:


I know, but that was from May. I’m worried it hasn’t been long enough


we aren’t wrong about their practices and this is just a summary i’ve found >

does NOT being wrong mean we are right ? do right or wrong even matter if we’re not willing (or able) to take the necessary steps to arrive at a tolerable solution AT LEAST ?