Arm based line of product?


Yeah I agree with you @funzork.

For me, Intel and AMD have lost all credibility with their refusal to release even a blank signed Intel ME firmware for Google, Purism or any other company. It’s obvious there is dangerous stuff hidden inside their chips.

ARM seems to have a lot more potential, with Rockchip creating some great SoC’s (Look up the Chromebook C201). Although there are still a lot of ARM chips that come with proprietary software (Look up the Samsung Exynos range).

It seems like OpenPOWER have a really good open stack, and might be one of the freest options out there. Unfortunately every single device that uses it seems to cost thousands of pounds and there’s not a lot of information about how to program the things.

For what it’s worth I would definitely buy your top of the range laptop if it used an ARM processor with free bootloader firmware. You could basically name your price.


I am wondering if PureOS is going to support Arm processors prior to v7. for example HP Touchpad.