At What Point Is Privacy Worth Giving Up


agreed … but the power to temporarily change the laws of nature or suspend them in a certain place or EVERYWHERE is the power of GOD not the US military or the IC community … so there is always a bigger fish in the “pond” … trouble is HE COULD have stopped Hiroshima and Nagasaki from total destruction but HE decided not to intervene … while sometimes in history he DOES intervene … just not ALWAYS …


I disagree, but it’s irrelevant to my point which is that degrading privacy is a poor decision to fight crime.


uncrackable - in computers, that word make non sense


The US should be the only country to have nukes?

This has to be joke right?


a global cyber-war would have much worse “fallout” than a thermo-nuclear-war … but as usual we haven’t even finished the first argument when the new problems pop up … sweep it under history’s “rug” …