Audiophile question


I like clementine but I dont think itd work great on a 5.7" screen


Thank you for that, I had never seen clementine before.


I run clementine on all my laptops on my xfce ubuntu studio releases . Its great . My favorite linux music player .

It too has equalizer , visualizations . It even has rain storm ambient sound or "make it so " space travel sound as an extra you can play perpetually . Sometimes i play the rain/thunder while I browse the internet.

Although I must say where I live I havent needed it lately . We’re getting damn 3 inches of rain per day


We must be neighbours then :grin:

Will dig deeper in Clementine. Not sure how it will handle my HD library. Have you ever considered using Snapcraft Foobar2000 ?


Clementine plays my .flac s . Nope never tried it . Ill go install it and check it out .


Why did wine initiate ? Is this not a Linux app ?? :scream_cat:

Wine opens your nix distro to possible infection due to the compatibility layer . No good .


guys please open another thread for app testing and whatnot - in here it get’s spammy too quickly - you can link to here if you want


As this thread has some audiophile weight to it and recently bumped I assumed it could serve as a gathering place and sharing audiophile related issues and tips. Apparently not.


We got in trouble. :pensive:


Yeah, we did… And it was just about discovering L5 and audiophile related stuff… Not even endorsing iFi products.

Before derailing then, someone better lock this thread. Before you know it we might get into testicle frying 5G or Nazi theory debatings which will undoubtedly leads to this thread becoming a round table thread


Ehrr…frankly I don’t know. Using Foobar2000
on Windows OS and Mobile atm


Yea , I dont use anything that isnt FOSS native linux apps . Linux system can actually be infected by windows virus if wine is installed due to the comparability layer . So I do not use wine ever for anything.


not at all. it’s just that this thread was aimed more at hardware and audio quality theory. messing with the SOFTWARE equalizer is not something a true audiophile would normally do if the goal is to have as much of a high-fidelity experience as the original composer intended.

:). that … was a mistake on my part and you are welcome to skip it entirely. it was inapropriate to post that HERE but it’s still a good example in regards to what can be achieved with proper hardware. if you know some external open-hardware DAC/AMPs (combo or separate) i’d be interested if you could link to those here.

stop bustin’ my 5g fried balls ! :smiley:


Well , on a true HiFi stereo like the system my laptop outs to that would be correct . However alot of mobile phones often sound weak and tin-ny which is where software equalization comes in fairly handy . My experience at least .

Perhaps not so much in my on the ear headphones because they have better speakers with a greater freq response range so equalization might not be so important .


Fully agreed!

Could you please define open-hardware?

Release of xDuoo XD-05 PLUS to be expected next month, no link yet. Awaiting final specs and testing unit, please find below some of the preliminary features:
coaxial in, optical in, USB in (type C), AES in, bluetooth in, aux in, with 6.3mm phone out, 4.4 balanced output, gain and bass adjustment. USB IN (type C) support up to 32bit/384khz, DSD256, the coaxial/ optical/AES in support up to 32bit/384khz, DSD128

Edit 1: USB = USB type C
Edit 2: As per Xduoo PM (21-08-2019), the XD-05 PLUS will be the new DAC/Amp, specs can be found here. Turns out the PLUS edition will not include the AES in and balanced out, those features will be introduced to the XD-05 PRO to be released later.


A portable DAC/amp will work miracles for you


thats alot of gear to listen to mp3s though plus wolfson makes a good dac just the speakers lack i think


The Wolfson should be good enough for your mp3, no worries there


Thats primarily why I got this phone. microSD suport for my 100gig music collection replaceable battery and 3.5mm port .

I was going to get a LG v series cause they have a great DAC too . secondary function I look for in a device nowadays is music player.

I thought there would have been a niche market out there specifically for devices that are primary music players with voice calling support .

I only found one phone that was discontinued long ago . I think it was a blaupunkt or some other high end mp3 player that could also make phone calls.


Really looking forward to seeing what the native sound quality is like with flacs in Lollipop on this device. If anyone with a dev kit reads this, I’d love to know if they have been able to test how compatible this is with external dacs. Haven’t had any luck getting either of my dacs (Schiit Modi and Cayin N3) to work with my Nexus 5 running Ubuntu Touch.