Audiophile question


Wow, you really do have incredible hearing!
We are going to have to change your name from “some_dude36” to “bat_dude36”!
Is this the same reason why you are effected by wireless signals that don’t bother most other people?


Effected ? I think the tinitus is from too manny concerts and subwoofers in my vehicles over the years.


Bumping the request to @developers to consider making a native Foobar2000 mobile app, referring to the wishlist thread


As a Tidal user, I wonder if there is any way that can use Tidal music on other devices? I had found some tools like Windows Tidal Music Converter, etc. Had anyone used this kind of tools?


These kind of converters look like an ideal and affordable way to extend your personal music library.

Afaik Tidal business model per definition does not allow copying DRM protected contents, just temporary downloading on the device – you will never be owning the content legally.

From the artists’ point of view, their revenues depend on the number of playback, downloading the contents would be violating their interest. Just like downloading contents from newsgroups is illegal in every country.

Please note that the AudFree Terms of Use is explicitly stating “make sure the copyright law in your country allows copying digital media files”. Even in my country, which has been very progressive when it comes to both uploading and downloading of contents, I highly doubt I could successfully win a case like this if Tidal was to prosecute me over downloading ‘their’ files. Even the AudFree terms of use will exclude any claims in that regard (see ‘Indemnification’) and you’ll be on your own.

What is the legal status of AudFree and similar companies, their products and where do they reside? What if Tidal decides to incorporate a new code in their database that would prevent copying content via AudFree? Would you get refunded by those entities? What if Tidal, based on your personal (meta)data decides to claim any royalties from you based on the list of contents downloaded by you that have been freed of DRM protection? Not trying to spook you here but they should be able to do that with just a single mouse click.

Many audio playback (edit:) devices nowadays are ‘Tidal ready’ in order to keep that business model in place for both Tidal and the artist. To be on the safe side and if you choose to stream content (no ownership) rather than downloading it (HD-Tracks and others, you own the content legally) just make sure all your devices are capable of streaming/temporary download the content.


I use brave browser to listen to my tidal music on Linux. If you go to the site, on the right side of the button is a small gray icon, click it and it’ll “install” it as an app on your computer (it behaves more as a separate instance of the web browser, like a bookmark you store on your desktop). I haven’t thought to check if it actually downloads the music filesz though I doubt it does. It works, though I can’t say how well it would work on the L5.