Is there anyone who knows where to find a working authenticator app for the L5?
None of the ones in the store work. (The gnome Authenticator looks pretty, but it does not scan.)

Thanks in advance…

I used apt to install gnome authenticator but I don’t think the scan function will work with the current state of the camera development. I might be wrong but that’s probably why scanning doesn’t work.

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I was thinking the same thing. Life could be easier…

I like the Yubico Authenticator app in combination with YubiKey.
It works on Librem 5.
And the keys are stored on the YubiKey.
This way you can do the scanning on another device and you can also use the Yubikey on another device and not only on the Librem 5.
For me this is also more in support of the spirit of 2FA because in 2023 many people do many things directly on the Smartphone. So if you use the smartphone as a 2FA but you use the smartphone itself to access the service protected by the 2FA, then to some degree it stops being really a 2FA anymore.

:man_shrugging: it’s still 2 factors, something you have and something you know. It might even extend to MFA if you used biometrics to get into the phone thereby adding something you are as a factor.

Have you already tried this one? List of Apps that fit and function well [Post them here.]
(It’s a flatpak, so I don’t know if it appears for you in the store.)

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You can view it this way. Reasonable argument.
Still you have the issue that if 1 device is compromised, then the attacker could steal the data for both factors. (ok it might be encrypted and the attacker might not be able to decrypt it).
But it would be still harder for the attacker if the data is split on 2 devices:
PC+Smartphone in the past.
Smartphone+HW Key now.

I know it is not for everybody. I just really like this approach.
I don’t need to bother to back up and migrate the TOTP codes if I want to reflash or exchange a device. They are just on the key. For me this is convenient.

No, I didn’t. I only looked for apps with “auth” in the name.
I have access to the flatpacks.
Thanks for the tip. I’m back to using a hardware token, though.

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Oh, and by the way: the flatpak repository does feature in my store. I don’t know whether this was the case from the get go, or that it is because I added it on the command line, but it’s there.

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See this comment: Camera and GNOME apps like Cheese and Authenticator status

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Dank je, Jan. Ik ga even lezen.

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