Barrier for Nvidia & AMD GPUs?


On my personal journey through GPU on linux I’ve tried nvidia closed (twas nice but closed) amd closed (twas crap) nvidia open (twas crap) and amd open (kind of ok-ish but not worth it) and finally stuck to intel igp as the best price/perf/openness ratio.


PSP is AMD’s equivalent to the IME, but that doesn’t mean it has feature parity. as reC says, EPYC, threadripper, and some 2nd gen ryzen boards are quite likely to have the PSP connected to the NIC. It also may be possible to get the PSP connected to its own dedicated NIC, which is the way the Power9 boards do it, this gets you remote management without the security nightmare that comes from using the public facing NIC for it. Obviously, that is in the enterprise world, not something you’ll see in a laptop, from Purism or elsewhere.

Momentum mostly. As I said, AMD only had a decent offering again in 2017, and purism hasn’t developed anything new in the laptop space since then. Also, they’ve already gone to a great deal of work to strip bits out of the ME, which they would have to duplicate on the PSP side. Finally, they resell slightly modified Clevo laptops, and Clevo doesn’t have any AMD based systems and has no plans to offer them in the future.

Integrated Graphics Processor, also sometimes called Accelerated Processing Unit (APU). IGP is most often used on the Intel side and APU on the AMD side.


the jist of it is if you only need basic activities done on the computer, maybe compiling some programs, reading text, surfing, paying bills, chatting on the Purism forums you most likely don’t need an nvidia or amd product.

imo they are products that are made to encourage certain computing activities which not all of them might be legal. i bet most gamers/cinematography-lovers have not purchased their material so yes it’s still questionable to think proprietary software has come this far considering all the piracy issues it has but the same might be true for free-software since the GPL came around (not everybody donates money to the cause - but also no government $ involvement)


I’d like to know more about that. Have you a source?


It’s been mentioned a few times on the forums here, just search for Clevo. I can’t say for certain that Clevo does the initial manufacture and assembly, the extra hardware switches are almost certainly done in-house by Purism.

For example, the L15 v3 is supposedly a slightly modified Clevo U953. This makes sense, if you think about it. Purism doesn’t have their own PCB printer, nor do they make pretty much any of their parts in house, they only do the final assembly. Clevo is the #1 supplier of whitebox laptops, laptop kits, and laptop parts.


For what it’s worth, I asked in the community/general Matrix channel, and the answer I got was that Purism’s laptops are NOT Clevo-based. They use a publicly available mold, which Clevo may also use, so there are probably similarities, but it doesn’t seem to come from Clevo directly


Ah, that actually makes a lot of sense. I know the internal layout is pretty similar, so much so that some clevo parts will just drop in and work in the purism case. The same mold, or mold specification, would explain that.


AMD server boards use IPMI for remote access to the PSP. This uses a dedicated RJ-45, so you don’t have to expose it to the network (or you can put it on its own vlan or dedicated management network).