Battery life of phone. Option to buy batteries?

Video shows battery performance. Even when disabling a ton of stuff, it still isn’t really great. Would there be an option to buy batteries from the company to hot swap or will people have to carry their portable chargers along side their phone for when they need to go out?


What batch is the video showing?

Time between charge is expected to improve as compared to the early batches due to

a) using a higher capacity battery, and
b) software improvements.

What batch are you in?

Yes, it is near certain that you will be able to buy spare batteries - the whole point of having a removable battery - but you really need an external charger if you want to hot swap / carry a spare, charged battery.


Upload was 4 days ago though I thought dogwood was already shipping and would be featured in such a recent video from purism but is shown to be chestnut from the description of the video. I am not in any batch as I have not purchased one of their products. Software improvements and change in type of battery can help but to what extent? If you watch the video, they say that they are aiming for around 11 ish hours of battery life which is good enough for me but that is what they are ‘aiming’ for. The video clearly shows that with so much disabled, the phone doesn’t last a extrodinary amount of time.

My portable chargers are large, heavy and of a weirdish shape. I only use them for when I need to go travelling abroad. The convinence of swapping a battery compared to a charging cable connecting from a battery bank to a phone is significant.

Also, you would expect and I would as well that purism would sell parts like the battery as you would expect a company like this to believe in self repair of people’s own products but they haven’t sold any OEM parts for any of their previous products so I will strongly doubt they would so for an upcoming product that they probably aren’t going to make a huge profit from and a product they weren’t expecting to cost so much on their side to manufacture and distribute. Selling OEM parts can be at a loss of a company so many decide not to but I would expect a company like purism to do so. If it costs so much on their side to ship OEM parts, they should still do so but just charge more for the part but they haven’t ever even been doing that since (from my research) the conception of this company.

Tell me if the battery being sold for the L5 is some sort of common form factor and other battery information that can be easily purchased from X and Y and is as good as OEM parts.


When I get my Evergreen phone …

I would expect a change in battery capacity to be pretty much linear i.e. if you get X hours with a 2000mAh battery and you change to a 3500mAh battery then you should get 1.75 x X hours, all other things being equal.

I believe Dogwood will have the 3500mAh battery. Battery for Librem 5


:astonished: Haven’t they? See


Accessories too:

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Pretty good. Any other main components except for the battery?
Edit: don’t know why that page was so hard to find. Couldn’t get it on duck or google.

Depends on what you are going to call “main”.

The power adapter.

Display and power port?
Edit: fans?

How many customers will be qualified to replace the display? Don’t want to end up with a Humpty Dumpty laptop. :slight_smile:

There has to be a dividing line between user-replaceable spares and sending it in for repair.

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Fair enough. However, for those that can self-repair, we shouldn’t have to send in for repair to purism when you have to pay for shipping after 6 months and also higher cost after warranty is over. Also, the time to send and receive is a high cost and being able to do by yourself would be better. Furthermore, if you believe you are unskilled or do not have the correct, expensive tools to repair your own product, you could go to a third party repair company that can install the OEM hardware you bought for X price. Instead, you are forced to go to purism for most computer repairs which doesn’t seem very fair.


if this won’t do it for you nothing else will


want off-grid ? no problem … but as soon as you open that kill-switch for the cellular-modem it’s game-over …

that’s why Purism should think about offering certifications (of some kind) for small-middle sized companies so that people can get their stuff repaired wherever they might be (locally) around the world.

you know there is that thing called an iFixIt tool kit (the Pro comes in mind) …

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I know ifixit. Pretty sure everyone does. They aren’t selling any librem parts.

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Um. What? Confused?

If that’s the bottom line and perhaps core of your questions here (for us from Europe), you have right to know that there was resale of the Librem Laptops.



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I know iBrokeIt too. :slight_smile:

Say what? It weighs almost 6kg. Build your muscles while getting 2 weeks use of your Librem 5 on a single charge? :slight_smile:

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Um. Ha ha?

haha. exactly :slight_smile:

we were complaining about a FIRST gen open-hardware phone battery life so i tought it would be the perfect moment to troll while presenting a perfectly viable alternative for body-building enthusiasts and paranoid off-griders :wink: