Bluetooth support for Librem 5

Why is sharing an incomplete resumen? in the way is hard give a good answer.


Try: L5 Bluetooth stutter

Any ideas on how to get bluetooth working with the phone profile? Currently, the L5 doesn’t connect to my car’s bluetooth for handsfree calls.

Bluetooth support for Librem 5

Well, that sucks :frowning: I hope it will be supported in the near future.

I don’t know about the near future, but at the moment any bluetooth connection I initiate stutters like mad. I’d say it is unusable.

Okay. There appears to be one exception to the bluetooth-stuttering problem: I recently bought a pair of Roseland (an unknown brand to me) stereo speakers (at the Action store) that appear to work without a hitch or glitch.

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I’ve got BlueAnt speakers and they worked fine out-of-the-box with the Librem 5. Admittedly I am running the older PureOS version (still on amber).

I tried connecting to the bluetooth radio in our car without any luck. This probably the oldest bt incarnation we have at hand. It wouldn’t even connect.
The speakers I tried are a couple of years old. They all stutter when connectedbto the L5.
I also tried connecting to a small bt receiver I have hooked up to my stereo. It’s a bit more recent. It stutters every ten seconds or so.
No other device in our home (i.e. phones and tablets) have these problems.
The Roseland speakers I mentioned in my earlier post, I bought a couplenof weeks ago. I think they have bt 5.2 on board. They seem to work fine.
Could this be bt version related?

Hopefully it will be solved in coming versions of PureOS.

Okay, some news just in: I again connected to the bt-receiver that’s hooked up to my stereo, and now the stutter is gone…
I am using the same internet radio app, and the same station. Like before, I am not running any other apps that might interfere.

Does anybody have an explanation for this?

I have a Bose bluetooth speaker that works flawlessly along with my Raycon earbuds, but the bluetooth adapter I use in my car is stutter city. No clue what the issue might be.


May be on Inactive mode or Active mode.
Inactive mode: when monitor is OFF(ultralow cpu)
Active mode: when monitor is ON (full cpu)

I can say that I have tried this with gPodder, I’ve tried with other apps running with nothing else running, screen on screen off, doesn’t seem to be any correlation. I also tried turning off WiFi but that made no difference either. I’m thinking we need to wait for a new firmware?

With newer Bluetooth firmware available some stuter are gone, not sure what version bt your device it has?

There are a lot thing that could cause Stutering like DATA, CPU, BT version, Distance TX, BUS, BUG.

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I sometimes have a spontaneous issue with the bt-transmitter that’s hooked up to my audio-video receiver, so that sound gets chopped up in my receiving headphones. (I haven’t used the transmitter with the L5, though.) I correct the issue by turning the transmitter off, on again, and then reconnecting.


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No, no difference between the two modes.
I will keep on trying different configurations, and post the results.

From my observations the biggest factor has been distance and having clear line of sight. If I have the phone within, say 6 ft (2m), and nothing in between it will play with little to no stuttering. The farther the phone is from the speaker, or if there is a wall or something in the way, the more it stutters. And this is across multiple different speakers.

I don’t think those are the only factors, because sometimes it will still stutter when it is close. Those instances I reset the connection and it usually improves.

This seems more plausible than the version dependency I suggested. Earlier I thought I noticed the stuttering being correlated with the whether my hand was cupped around the phone or not.