Bulk replacement batteries to europe

Hi all,

Like many of you, I have the problem that it is not possible to buy replacement batteries for the Librem5 in Europe (even from third party manufacturers). It is possible in principle to ship them from the US, but at a very high cost (>250 euros per shipment). However, the cost scales very well as you can ship multiple batteries together. So I wanted to ask if there is any interest in ordering batteries together. I would contact Purism and a logistics company and then organize the shipping inside of Europe.

Is anyone here interested?


I don’t live in Europe, but I would just like to add that as someone living in the United States with 4 batteries and 3 chargers from my Liberty Phone, the extra batteries are totally worth it.

The feeling when I need to leave the house for a while and I swap from 15% to 99% is wonderful and puts the Samsung phone I had previously totally to shame. I don’t even charge my phone anymore, I just rotate batteries.


Theoretically I would be interested but not currently. I’m fine charging the battery or using an external power bank for now. So I would only need a battery as replacement when it has degraded too much.

However getting one now wouldn’t make much sense since batteries also degrade over time while not in use.

You are right, but the question is, how long Purism can supply the batteries. Also the degradation should be not too high, if you store the batteries with ~70% charge.
I am using the PinePhone quite often in docked mode and this is putting additional stress on the battery. Therefore, a backup would be nice to have

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I predict at least another 5 years, but if you want an official answer, contact Purism support.

Hello @CommanderB

Where did you find the information about the exorbitant cost of shipping batteries to Europe.
I have had my Librem5 since February 3, 2021 and I can feel that the battery is starting to have weaknesses.
I was thinking of ordering a new one and I just saw on the store

" NOTE for customers outside US: We will not be able to ship any orders that contain ONLY batteries, without containing a laptop and/or phone, due to regulations. Any such order will be cancelled and refunded. If you already have an order for a laptop or a phone, order for the battery will be combined with that order. "

I’m in France

Hi @bjm,

the exorbitant costs of shipping result from exactly the note, that you have mentioned. There are companies, that offer a proxy-buying service in the US circumvent such restrictions. I asked those companies for a quote regarding shipping, that was around 250 euros, due to the declaration of batteries as a dangerous good.

Quite possible, but unfortunately not helpful for European users :frowning:

Hi! I am in the EU and I’m potentially interested if the OpenPGP card and Librem Key could be included as well.

Aren’t those batteries not just more or less common products that can be bought somewhere else in Europe? I think it’s better to try to figure this out since people will run into this issue over and over again.

On the other hand - instead of using a service that costs 250+€ it’s even better to find a customer who wants to buy a Librem 5 and ship it together without third party services. It doesn’t even need to be a new customer.

No clue. If anyone can confirm and provide a link to a reliable online shop that is not ebay, it would be great. I wasn’t able to find one that currently sells Librem products when I was looking for the OpenPGP card a few weeks ago. There are batteries for sale in ebay that ship from China, €29 + shipping, if I remember correctly so that could be an option. Screen protectors can be found in amazon, cases too, probably but I am not sure since I made my own.

My suggestion is helpful if you want to know with an actionable next step. If you do not, you can simply stay in the dark; it is your choice.


We need to build a battery case with two batteries for the L5, kind of like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjJ33OhPDcQ

Nope, they do not deliver. I have already contacted Cameron Sino directly ( The only alternative manufacteror for L5 batteries) and they are out of production. So no other option, but buying from Purism exists.
Yes, if somebody would order an L5 from the US and then we could add batteries would be the best option, but unfortunately I don’t see such an opportunity.

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Yes sure, why not

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