Camera development progress

There is also coBang flatpak, and it does launch on the L5.

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On the PinePhone I have, mobian comes pre-installed with an app called Megapixel. Might also be worth trying on the Librem 5?

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This is the default camera app on Pinephone isn’t it? Would be interesting.

Martijn Braam, who is the postmarketOS developer that created Megapixels, is in contact with the Purism developers. He gave some advice to the Purism devs in the bug report about implementing the Librem 5’s back camera.

At this point Megapixels has only been tested with the PinePhone hardware, so I’m not sure how hard it would be to add support for the Librem 5’s cameras. Maybe @dcz can comment on Purism’s plans for the camera app.


:+1: to this. I have it installed on a different Linux computer. Does the job.

So if the camera software so far is capable of creating a JPEG, it would be worth running it through zbar* to see whether the image so far is usable for decode.

Thank you! I tried searching for this software to see what it is like (I remembered the name correctly at least), but it’s 100% unsearchable in web search engines.

The general plan is to let people use what they want, and then include the best one (so far Megapixels is the top contender). Other than that, there will be something small in nani purely to help with development.


Had you looked here?

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Another small breakthrough today: all camera scales have been verified to work: 1:1, 1:2, 1:4. Now it’s time to mop up and expose that to app developers. Then focusing remains.

The camera supports 10-bit RAW output, but that’s left as an exercise for the community, at least in the current plan.


“Pics or didn’t happen…” :smiley: Or more like, take pics of L5 with L5.

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So… Where can I host a 20MB picture :P?



@dcz They say 32 MB!


openEXR is an image container format that has all sorts of goodies and can be compressed.

by folding in half or using a mirror :laughing:

Latest results:


The picture is 1200x1600 resolution from the front camera. Kudos to Dorota, Martin and Sebastian for their work on this. Now if they can get the auto-focus to work, I will be more than happy.

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Autofocus is only relevant for the big camera, and will require cooperation with application developers. We can show off some of it in prototypes, but in the end, we’ll have to work with camera apps to integrate autofocus properly.


I just take the data already produced by others and format it for displaying, I have no slightest clue about what’s going on kernel-side - so let me redirect those kudos sent to me towards Dorota and Martin :smiley:


Interested application developers can start testing the kernel:


Where will (auto)focus be handled? Would utilities such as libcamera make sense?

The rear camera at full resolution with (rough) manual focus:

More details: