Can I get RAM recommendations?

I’m thinking about getting the Librem 13 base model (8 GB of RAM with 250 GB of storage) and seeing if my work needs 16 GB of RAM or is 8 GB fine as 8 GB is supposed to be better for battery life.
However, I do have some questions:

  • Does the Librem 13 base mode come with 2x 4 GB RAM or 1x 8 GB RAM?
  • What memory do you recommend? Are there any that are better for Free Software?

the current Librem 13 (v4) only has a single sodimm socket, with a max capacity of 32GB. Any DDR4 sodimm should work without issue.

Don’t all of the new version have 2 slots of RAM? How else are they now supporting 32 GB of RAM?1

As stated in your linked article: By validating that 32GB modules actually work :wink:
IOW, it probably always worked, but now it’s official, at least for the latest model.

no, they’re all single socketed

I’ve verified on the 13v2/15v3 as well as teh 13v4/15v4 :slight_smile:

for latops they are the shorter variety - desktop RAM is longer and usually bulky. just making sure there is no confusion.

hence my use of ‘sodimm’ vs ‘dimm’ :slight_smile:

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the clarification was for @MadDog4FSF

@MrChromebox Do you know what card/socket manufacturer/model Purism currently uses/recommends?

I’m not sure how much variation there is in our supply chain, but my v4 units both shipped with Kingston 16GB DDR4 sticks; I’ve since replaced one with a 32GB Samsung module. Pretty much any high-quality DDR4 so-dimm will be compatible though.

@MrChromebox Not sure if you would know about this, but do I need to be worried about non-free software or a manufacture not supporting GNU/Linux/BSD?

Doing a bit of digging we can see this:

It appears to say Kingston with some numbers/letters

Typing the codes into my search engine I found this:

I am unware of any changes Purism makes to its RAM.
Although, I would like to get a confirmation on this.

Pretty sure that this is badly wrong.

The part number in the photo is a SO-DIMM. The part number in the link is a DIMM. Unless Purism is doing some seriously weird stuff, a DIMM simply can’t be inserted and if you really tried to force it, you would just break something.

For DDR4, SO-DIMM has 260 pins while DIMM has 288 pins. SO-DIMM is typically used in laptops and other devices where space is at a premium. DIMM is typically used in full sized desktops.

The width, notch and pitch are probably all different between DDR4 SO-DIMM and DDR4 DIMM.

Here’s what I believe to be a correct link:


@kieran you’re explanation wasn’t neccesary. i gave a wiki link a few posts up - but since he didn’t read it …

The problem is that a different user stumbled upon the specific post and used the wrong-product link without reading the earlier discussion.

Ideally the person who posted the wrong-product link would edit the post to remove the link.

As to whether explanation is necessary, who can say what level of knowledge or expertise or even interest :slight_smile: individual readers have.

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