Can I transfer my T-Mobile phone # to Librem 5?

Can I transfer my T-Mobile phone # to Librem 5? I thought the US made that a requirement for phones.

Are you talking about the Phone Numbers in your Adressbook or talking about your own Phone Number like attached to a Sim-Card? I am not sure about e-Sims, the ones without physical expression. However you could transfer your phone Number from one Mobil-Provider to another like a decampment, talk to your new chosen one.

If you are talking about your Address book try to export and use CardDAV… to export and import them. I did not try this on my L5 but think that should work, if you try to open such saved file.

In the US, T-Mobile services work just fine with the Librem 5. I’m on Mint (a T-Mobile MVNO) and I can freely swap my (physical) SIM cards between devices without issue. But, like @Christal said, I’m unsure about SIM contacts.

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Unless there’s some kind of restriction on your T-mobile account:

Simply shut down your current phone, remove the SIM card, make sure the Librem 5 is shut down, insert the SIM card into the L5, and start the L5. APN should set automatically.

You’ll need to enable VoLTE, which setting can be found in the BM818 Tool.

(Your phone number is associated with the SIM card, not with your original phone… unless it’s an e-SIM.)

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Are you talking about “mobile number portability” (MNP)?

The Purism web site currently says (in respect of the various AweSIM plans):

Phone number porting will be offered at a later date.

However as another post says … if you take a SIM out of an existing phone and put it in the Librem 5 then the phone number will move with the SIM.

You only need MNP if changing from one provider to another provider, hence you need a new SIM but you want to move the existing phone number from the old provider and service to the new provider and service.

I’m talking about the T-Mobile phone number.

I do my contacts with Google Contacts so I can access them on any browser, no need to extract contacts from the SIM card.

Good! In the past, when I switched phones, I had to call Sprint to give them the new IMEI.

This also sounds like I don’t need to get the Purism SIM, unless I want to switch plans to Purism. Right?


you are right. i have a t-mobile account and i pull the sim out of my pixel phone and put it i to the L5. and everything works seamlessly And vice versa. t-mobile doesnt seem to care so it has been nice to use the L5 with them.