Can Qube OS be pre-installed

Does Purism offer its laptops with Qube OS pre-installed.

There are very few companies out there offering pre-installed Qube OS.
The only other company I have heard of is Nitrokey, but they are based in Germany (not confident about the level of tech support they can provide to US-based customers).

I would not mind trying a Purism laptop but if this system does get corrupted/malware, the whole laptop gets corrupted. In Qube OS, each cube is isolated.


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If you look at the Librem 14 laptop on Purism’s shop page here, they let you choose Operating System, the choices are PureOS or Qubes OS:

I think that if you choose Qubes OS there, then it means it will be pre-installed.

See also:


Thank you. I went to their Shop menu and, indeed, Qube OS can be pre-installed ! Their blogs describe the ordering process in detail, which I really appreciate. I look forward to ordering a Purism laptop.