Can't reset TPM on Librem Mini

Hi All,

I’ve got a new Librem Mini and want to change the TPM Admin password from the factory default. When I start my Librem Mini boot, one of the first messages I get is that the TPM cannot be found.

Also, I followed the procedure in the docs for resetting the TPM: Boot > Options > TPM … > Reset TPM, but when prompted for the new TPM owner password and I enter and confirm it, I start getting a bunch of errors of the form “TPM_OpenClientCharDev: Could not open char device /dev/tpm0: No such file or directory” and “Error I/O error from TSC_PhysicalPresence” and “PhysicalENable returned ‘I/o error’ (-2147479547).”

I get a long list of these errors and then the operation asks me again for the TPM owner password and then hangs after I enter it.

Any thoughts? Thanks.


Issue has been resolved. Thanks.

hopefully the resolution was ‘update to the latest Pureboot release’ since the Mini doesn’t have a TPM :slight_smile:

Yes, thanks. They’re at some point going to update the installation guide since, as you say, the Mini doesn’t have a TPM. Thanks for the reply!