Can't start librem5 devkit after flash

Hi! I have a librem5 devkit (1.0.0), and to the best of my knowledge tried to flash it with Mobian. The flashing process itself went well in the sense that uuu printed success:

$ uuu flash_devkit.lst 
uuu (Universal Update Utility) for nxp imx chips -- lib1.4.193

Success 1    Failure 0                                                           
3:1      4/ 4 [Done                                  ] FB: Done                   

The problem is that now it won’t boot, as it did before the flash. The screen remains black, and it does not “shake” like it did before upon boot.

This is the uuu script I used:

uuu_version 1.0.1

SDP: boot -f u-boot-librem5.imx
# This command will be run when use SPL
SDPU: delay 1000
SDPU: write -f u-boot-librem5.imx -offset 0x57c00
SDPU: jump
SDPV: delay 1000
SDPV: write -f u-boot-librem5.imx -skipspl
SDPV: jump
# This command will be run when ROM support stream mode
SDPS: boot -f u-boot-librem5.imx
SDPU: delay 1000
FB: ucmd setenv fastboot_dev mmc
FB: ucmd setenv mmcdev 0
FB: flash -raw2sparse all devkit.img
FB: Done

and I downloaded the two images from here: 
(I gunzipped it and renamed to devkit.img)

I’m thinking perhaps the images I used are not compatible with the librem5 devkit 1.0.0?

I see only those two images (current ones) that suit there (made for devkit):

Also, here is link to some quite related guide, so you can double check things you are about to execute: External battery charger for Librem5.

Hm, interesting find Quarnero! Above I selected a uboot called


thinking librem5 should be “right”, but the file you found seems a lot more accurate, thanks! I will reflash with that one first and see, and read the link you gave.

Only correct/accurate/related package name would be: u-boot-devkit.imx.

Sorry but I forgot to write one word: please adjust things I wrote and linked. Anyway please use software packaged for librem5-devkit and not the images (simply nothing) that are prepared for librem5. Applications/packages are probably very close or even up to be the very same but the whole image is made for librem5-devkit hardware only (in particular).

Therefore please adjust my link to the devkit. And two main approaches (scenarios) are applicable in order to flash your librem5-devkit properly (and enjoy it) therefore it is up to you which one you’ll take (take below linked/recommended one). Afterwards please share what you did, how you approached and succeeded with what you are up to. I simply cannot test anything as do not have this hardware, but related/proper naming is my point here.

Take this step as the first one:

Next/etc. one (if needed):

You’ll need to use: sudo uuu flash_devkit.lst, I’m quite sure.

And if you are using PureOS 10 byzantium or Debian 11 bullseye for this flashing process I think that I have found some relatively easy solution (need to write one) for you to get back to PureOS 10 byzantium on your librem5-devkit? Just while it indeed looks like that you are getting correct uuu -lsusb output (no issues with USB connectivity on your devkit). What needed is already tested:

sudo librem5-devkit-flash-image --variant plain --dir /home/your-name/Documents/Build_devkit/Download --skip-cleanup --skip-flash
2022-07-07 19:04:37 INFO Looking for devkit plain byzantium image
2022-07-07 19:04:42 INFO Found disk image Build 11644 'plain devkit byzantium image' from Thu Jul  7 03:08:35 2022
2022-07-07 19:04:46 INFO Found uboot Build 94 from Wed Sep  8 15:50:09 2021
2022-07-07 19:04:46 INFO Downloading to /home/your-name/Documents/Build_devkit/Download
2022-07-07 19:04:47 INFO Downloading image from
2022-07-07 19:08:11 INFO Calculating sha256sum of /home/your-name/Documents/Build_devkit/Download/devkit.img
2022-07-07 19:08:44 INFO Downloading uboot from