CE Certificate for Librem 5 batteries

So what format is it in?

IMHO, it is about/upon supplier or manufacturer direct decision (perhaps, like “for official use only”) to publish (or not) for public use particular UN 38.3 Test Summary Report. According to VARTA AG it is well known fact that it needs to be available upon official request, regulated worldwide as well: “from the first of January 2020 onwards the new Supplier Test Summary UN38.3 for Lithium cells are needed in order of transport the respective batteries”, but I’m not sure if it needs to be (or must be) publicly available.

Another official example, as valid reference, would be here: https://industrial.panasonic.com/ww/downloads/battery-test-summary. And, up to my current thought, it is not about customer like @lpopov here to publish anything that he personally received from Purism, not in this/his Forum thread. Official import authority got this particular proof of compliance, for the BPP-L503 batteries, and this is what counts for all of us interested into it too. This “certificate” jargon word (as requested from authority) within this thread title was somehow misleading for all of us, just my two cents. And, great that Purism finally solved this, lessons learned, issue! By hoping that this post was transparent enough, just my opinion publicly shared here.

@epinez yes, it would be

@Gavaudan I haven’t seen this, thanks for the link

@irvinewade it’s a pdf file

@Quarnero my thought was that if the schematics for the phone are open source, a document like a battery test report should be freely available too. After your comment, I decided to asked them if I could post it here. They said they would prefer if I didn’t and that anybody that needs it should contact them.

So, if anybody needs this document, please send a message to the support email of Purism.


You might try converting it to a JPEG file e.g. using GIMP. Then you can post it here (noting though that you indicate that you now don’t intend to do so - but it’s useful to be able to do such a conversion anyway).

If it’s 20 pages, that could be tedious. If it’s a few pages, that could be workable.

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