Cell Broadcast 2023

You can simply test it yourself.

 sudo apt install bm818-tools

I installed that months ago, of course.
Haven’t enabled the messages yet.
Nice and quiet without them.

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For a meaningful test, you’d need someone to trigger a cell broadcast message.
That way, you’d be able to see whether the L5 actually receives and displays the message.

If it happens every first Monday of the month at noon, I would say that is reliable enough for a meaningful test.


One thing about turning something on, sometimes it isn’t intuitive how to turn it off.


Documentation and manuals help with accomplishing that goal.

it’s a tick box

It’s awalys a tick box. The problem is finding it. Not necessarily this subject item, but as a general rule.

I’m not in Europe, I wouldn’t know where it hides. But then again I don’t need to know either. It is like when you’re going through your phone settings: “Oh THAT’S where it is!” (and you never knew it was there until you see it). Or like that thread earlier this year, a fellow didn’t know how to change his phone call volume until someone told him here where it was and when (but it was a slider not a tick box).

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The bm818 tool just serves to turn CB on in the modem, it is no indication that the system is implemented or supposed to be working.
CB messages are different from SMS and modem-manager needs to be modified to handle CB messages, as well as some client application that does something with it.

On the Pinephone, the Near-FOSS modem firmware, handles CB messages and forwards them as a fake SMS to the user.