Charging Librem 5 no longer works

Hi :slight_smile:

I have Librem 5 with SXMO and stuff - a principally happy user

From time to time, my battery runs dry and I have to use this method to recover:

This time around, it doesn’t work :frowning:
To make things a little more complicated, I’m not sure whether I’m using the equipment I’ve been using previously and whether that might be the reason for it failing to give me any red light.

This is what I have:

Could someone tell me whether that is the right charger/lead?
What else could I try?

kind regards :smiley:

I compared the items in your photo with mine. They’re the same.

While I have not had this issue with my Librem 5, I have this issue with my Kenwood TH-D74 ham radio. To resolve it I give the battery a small charge with external equipment.

This battery says it has a rated voltage of 3.8, limited charge voltage of 4.35. It doesn’t seem to talk about charge current but a few hundred mA shouldn’t be an issue.
Contacts are clearly labeled:

I just put a volt meter on mine, which currently is at about 75% and I got ~3.9V. I then used an external power supply, set at 4.3V and current limited to 200mA on the battery contacts. I saw 200mA flow into the battery.

Do you have a volt meter? Do you have a way to safely put a small charge into the battery? I suspect that even a few minutes would be enough. Then the phone would handle safely charging it from there.

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How about comparing your related output with this one: Librem 5 does not boot without battery. Would this comparison be of any help to start resolving your issue from there?

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Do you have annother charger with usb-c? Could try that to see if it’s the charger or the phone.

(I had to get my charger replaced as it went bad)


I’ll try that - thanks for the pointer!:slight_smile:

It should also be possible to feed the phone directly to see whether it still works, shouldn’t it?

Sadly, it doesn’t boot at all atm so I can’t check any output :frowning:

I’ve also tried the PD port of the PinePower

Go to s.x.m.o forum then ask why not booting. :slight_smile:
troubleshooting: burn pure_o.s free-software again.

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My here linked post is surrounded with several other posts that are actually telling you that you need to boot your Linux phone without inserted battery. At same time suggesting to insert your Librem 5 battery back to charge from there, after hopefully/successfully booting into SMXO Librem 5 GUI and after logging into it.

If above isn’t helping with SMXO installation you would need to reflash your Linux phone back into PureOS, as purposely and kindly based on above @carlosgonz recommendation. And perhaps build SMXO locally (for Debian based distribution) from there, on top of PureOS.

Just use your Librem 5 power supply from now on until you get your inserted lithium-ion battery back to life. Especially if not really, really familiar with the PinePower technical specs when charging (or not) from there.

EDIT: @yogo1212, please stop using Librem 5 non-compatible power supplies there and simply follow (as no other way around known to me) this proper guide:

“The built-in BC1.2 compliance keeps the implementation clean and simple to use.” As further and thoroughly described here:

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Please pay particular attention, especially after fifth minute, at this precise analysis:, telling us that PinePower does not have at least one single USB charging port that should (nor might) be used to properly charge any Librem 5 phone:

Or whether to see if it breaks completely? Please do not even think about trying something like this (as not even slightly suggested and only battery related):

Especially do not experiment there if you didn’t buy some very special/additional equipment developed and made for the Librem 5 exclusively, that should resemble below dummy battery with very finely adjusted 5V DC converter (to 3.7V, I suppose):