Compact GUI for pass

Next planned improvments are:
-) Reopen the tree after Save/Delete (currently it gets collapsed after this Action)
-) Handle the output of pass (e.g. Info that the password was copied to clipboard, Display of error messages)

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Nice :smile:

Eventually I will try out the OTP plugin.

The thing is that I usually use gopass on all my pc. But since it’s technically compatible with pass things works :slight_smile:

Testing OTP Plugin:
If you create a new entry in my GUI you just need to enter the “OTP Secret” as password and change the type dropdown.

The collapsing tree after save/delete is now fixed in V0.4

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New features in V0.5
-) Added Progress Bar to visualize when the password is available in clipboard
-) Fixed action “New” when no existing element is selected

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