Congratulations L5 for Being # 1 Again

It was a generic “you” … not you as person.

I would just lie: “Password is PIKJNFMOEL” and if this does not work “oh wait, has to be this or this … I resently changed it” and it still does not work “oh damn it, I forgot the term … if I don’t find it out I have to factory reset my phone mimimi”. :smile: Can they put you into jail for not knowing it?

I know that such laws exist in some countries. But in my country it’s a fundamental right to not help unlocking devices - NGOs were fighting hard for this.

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You are lucky :wink:

But better to take a phone as an device which can be lost/defective/stolen at every time. And I think the whole encryption and privacy settings may be help against the “neighbours” attacks.

But think better that every!!! government or “service” can easily unlock all what they want.
As our source code in Linux and others maybe never controlled from nobody and in the appropriate encryption committees always sits as sponsor one or two guys from these services …

Everybody can make his own conclusions about this.

So for me: With all my privacy and passwords and encryptions maybe I can held Google and others out. But never ever anybody who WANTS my data and can us all the necessary hacking and listening software

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The whole list looks shady. Security is a very technically challenging subject to discuss. If you care about security you must learn and understand a lot of concepts and do a lot of research before getting any device or OS. Just going to some list to pick any 1 out of top 10 is absolutely silly, as far as serious security is concerned. For people for whom security is a nice gimmick to have, I’d start and end the list with an iPhone.

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Doesn’t take long at all for a topic to go sideways here, does it.

Nit-pick all ya all want.It’s still good to see and I doubt anyone would buy a device without asking around and checking this out. Except for me of course. The one time I didn’t check things out I ended up with a device possessed by demons from

This was just a post recognizing that L5 was #1 - what does it matter what a web site does with it. You ain’t going to control how reviews are written unless you write your own. So write one. Let’s see how it compares to others.

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