Content Creation - External Camera and Microphone -

I am trying to create content using my Librem 13.
I am looking for a way to connect external video and microphone.
i suspect i can find a video with a usb connection that presumably will connect to a usb port, and hopefully will work out of the box.
What about mic? How can I connect an external mic (line in) to Librem 13?

You can buy a USB dongle that gives you speaker+microphone (either two separate standard 3.5mm connectors or combined into a TRRS connector, whichever you want). If you will only want to use the microphone then the two separate connectors may be more convenient. Alternatively, you can pay more money and get a decent USB microphone.

Many USB webcams would have built-in audio capability, so you may not even need a separate external mic, provided that the audio quality is adequate.

Thank you for this.
I’ll be looking at it later the day.
Thank you.