Coreboot 4.7 for qube os



Can’t download the build script via the link

Can anyone help?


I believe the file you are after ( is available in the following repository now:

Direct link:


Thankyou. I progressed to the latter stages but have encountered this issue. can anyone help?

Downloading ME 11 Repository from!DNdDVQ7I!hronBMVN8m82JciiT6UQwtwh-LVlHXIo-NzTB0324rk
Please be patient while the download finishes…
[pv] is required and it’s not installed


I am no expert on updating coreboot. I did this myself the other day with the script, but I first saw pv mentioned in this forum’s main thread for coreboot.

The instructions I followed also has pv in the dependencies.