Coreboot development on the Librem

I have a Librem 15 Version 3 … I would like to re-flash coreboot with my own Linux payload so I can start some processes that provide security-related services to the host OS…

Is the Librium a good choice to do this on? Ideally I would be able to deploy many times from the command line … I gather flashrom can do this…

I believe this is what you need

btw it’s *Librem :wink:

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Should be fairly “easy” to do with the Librem as it already comes with coreboot, and there is a build script to let you build coreboot from scratch and it verifies the hashes to make sure the build is correct.
If you do wish the modify the coreboot image (such as replacing seabios with a linux payload), then I would very strongly suggest you buy hardware flashing material in order to recover the flash in case the machine doesn’t boot. Whenever you attempt something like this, expect to get 100 bricks before you manage to find the right configuration to make it boot properly, so being able to recover with a hardware flasher is necessary.