Damaged before arrival


I finally received my 15v3 today, and opened the box up, to find a crack in the casing around the webcam. I don’t know if it’s affected the camera itself, or the screen. I’m currently in the power-n memory test, and still need to install a harddrive, upgrade the memory, and install an OS, before I can do any GUI tests (although I might create a USB Tails stick to test that way).

So, what’s the process now? The packaging wasn’t damaged in any way, and the laptop was securely packed. There’s no other damage to the laptop, and definitely none on the outside of the laptop, so I can only assume this damage happened before it was boxed.



Also, I just installed an SSD drive, and I suspect there’s a screw that’s supposed to go in here…

Do you only include them if you include a drive? Seems odd.


Hi Ben, sorry to hear this. Just send an email to ops @ puri.sm and ask for a return label, reference this thread. We’ll send you a new device.


Currently, yes, only if the drive is ordered: https://puri.sm/faq/would-i-be-able-to-install-myself-my-own-choice-of-second-hddssd-and-m-2-ssd/


I’ve waited 10 months for this laptop, and now I have to wait another 2 weeks for a new one to arrive? That’s if you send one out now, and don’t have to wait for this one to arrive. And I’ll need to pay import fees again, and perhaps have to claim the taxes back on this one. It’s all very inconvenient :frowning:


I now have Debian running, and the camera seems fine. I’m almost okay with keeping the damaged laptop, but I’m finding the trackpad keeps sticking. I’ll click on something, and the trackpad stays down, so I end up dragging things everywhere, and can’t unclick without trying on all areas of the trackpad until it pops back up again.

There are other minor build and assembly defects that aren’t overly noticeable, and I’d be happy to put down to a balance between cost and functionality. But a non-functioning trackpad really is going to drive me nuts.

Is this a common problem? If I get a replacement, will it be just as likely to have issues?


Not sure what the problem is with the touchpad, but I’m positive that what you’ve described is not a normal behaviour. Are all screws that hold back cover on place?


I removed the back to install the SSD and RAM, and put it back securely. I’ll try opening it up later and seeing if I can reseat the trackpad… :slight_smile:


Yeah, it’s probably because you opened it and didn’t close it back again. See my full answer from here: Touchpad gets stuck when clicking if the case is not screwed properly


Thanks! I tightened up the screws and it might have fixed it :slight_smile:

I’ll see how it goes for the next day or so. Appreciate your help.


Ben, since you don’t want to return it for a repair, we can offer you a small refund or a discount on Librem 5 order. Please contact me on support_at_puri.sm so we can arrange this, or whatever suits you.


I had the same problem… got a new librem13 a couple weeks ago. After changing the SSD, the track pad button would stick, especially if I had it on my lap and not a table top. I took the back off and put it back on again and it seems ok now. Worried it might be an ongoing problem though.


I had the exact same problem when I ordered my Librem 15 last year. I got it replaced, but I live in Finland and with the laptops being out of stock at the time it took a long time and jumping through hoops with customs. I like the laptop, but attention should really be paid to such details. I have pre-ordered a Librem 5, and I very much hope there will be no more such problems in the future.


Mine has similar issue from time to time ive found its easier to double tap then click myself or use external mouse preferably but mines gotten better over the last year and will rarely do it unless im shutting lid hard or somehow misaligning it ie: frustrated clickery. Unsual you got so many issues there tho. Only time ive had broken electronics delivered was due to accidentally being delivered to nearby military base where it was obviously inspected