Debian working with the mini v2?

I installed debian on the mini v2 but:

  • The sound does not work. The volume slider is messed up and in the settings there is nothing under sounds. No amount of troubleshooting could fix it, and
  • The internet is slow (wired)
  • The screen does not turn on when moving the mouse or pressing keys while the computer is locked. I have to press the power button to shut off

I’ve never downloaded an ubuntu iso so fast :pensive:

Isn’t the librem supposed to be friendly with debian unlike literally every other computer? I got this pc so I could use debian without problems :neutral_face: and I’ve basically encountered every textbook incompatibility problem.

Is there a way to get debian to work without issues so I can use it normally?

Thx x

Are you using Debian testing? The version of PureOS we ship with the Mini v2 is called Byzantium and is based off of Debian testing. The mini v2 is new enough that it needs newer packages than PureOS Amber (and Debian stable) could provide.


I’m happily running Bullseye on my Mini V1. As far as I know the hardware (except the CPU) is the same for the V2.

Debian-11(next-stable)-Bullseye(testing) and PureOS-10(next-stable)-Byzantium are the two sides on the same coin (if only not to see each other :wink: )