Degoogle android phone

Thoughts? Is this thorough?

Just wanted to point out if you cant do any of the above to your phone (for any number of reasons) then something like this would work in the meantime while you consider your other options:

Not the author, but have done some of the steps to my Android device while I workout my smartphone needs.

Directly on topic I think it is “enough” on that it’s a first step that gets people thinking, but don’t like how MicroG is recommended since I’d rather have people try to evaluate and go without Google entirely. At the very least I’m hopeful that people (non-enthusiasts) are more interested in alternatives compared to even 2yrs ago.


No, do not follow! You do not want an unlocked bootloader or lineage, and microg is amazing but not maintained very actively.

GrapheneOS on a Pixel device with a locked bootloader is the only option.

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Can you elaborate on that? I have a pixel device that I intend to degoogle, I was thinking about CalyxOS. Why is GrapheneOS better?

Team is awesome (seasoned dev behind CopperheadOS), hardening is a bit more extensive, I’m not sure if calyx allows relock of bootloader. can’t speak too much about calyx, I’ll look into it, but GrapheneOS is at the very least a fantastic option either way.

Also, less bloat and VANADIUM!

The difference between privacy and security (that often seems to come up with GrapheneOS) is definitely one to consider but I don’t think Daniels (head of GrapheneOS) project is the end all be all for everyone.

In general GrapheneOS is considered more secure, see here if you want to read through:

Im going to assume that op was referencing the security features in GrapheneOS that CalyxOS lacks (Edit: their response posted, was correct). Since both run on your device I’d flash both and see what you like.

From some searching Calyx appears to have verified boot, which would indicate you get the security benefits of relocking the bootloader but I have not used this to verify.

It looks like GOS for my Pixel2XL is near EOL . . . but it might be worth the exercise to install it anyway . .

Yeah, for the sake of transparency, I use GrapheneOS.

Initially, I felt dreadful about the affair, I was used to rooting and modifying my devices with cool additions and tweaks. Nonetheless, a necessary move for security. I thought it would be like becoming some sort of 17th century technological Puritan where I’d be grueling every day due to the limitations of GrapheneOS.

Couldn’t have been any more wrong! Barely miss a thing, love love love this OS. Can’t recommend more strongly.

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This is how I feel about Calyx. Something I read back before I committed said that Calyx is a bit more user-friendly than Graphene, but I read that in passing and spent zero effort looking into it.

Calyx is pretty wonderful, though, so between me and @MrSenshi you can’t go wrong with either.


Techlore has a video comparing the two. Tldw: graphene is slightly more secure but slower and less user friendly. It’s also worth noting that the main developer of graphene is apparently extremely toxic and maybe not someone to trust whereas the calyx foundation is behind calyx os and they do a lot of good besides just the os.


When I was looking for a de-googled android, I spent some time on the GrapheneOS boards and it was the main developer’s behaviour that undermined my trust in the operating system.

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I’m not sure what gave you that impression, but Daniel is not toxic and is someone people can trust. Don’t believe everything you read online. Text can also be easily misconstrued and/or misinterpreted.

I was trying to figure out whether to commit energy and time to using GrapheneOS and was following closely Daniel’s and the team’s conversations for several months. In the end, I could not convince myself that it was a good, long-term investment of my time.

I can respect and understand your opinion and I’m sorry that you had a negative experience. I just didn’t want people who are on this forum and unfamiliar with GrapheneOS to be (unintentionally) misled by your message.

Why don’t you agree with lineage?
I’m using it without microg, without gapps and only with fdroid apps.