Delete this Account

Please delete this account and all assosiated data (topics, replies, messages, etc.)

My guess: It’s not possible.

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Maybe anonymisation is the only option but your name is perhaps already adequately anonymous.

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I have a right to be forgotten under GDPR, and a privacy-focused company should be making deletion options always-available regardless.

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IIRC a forum post does not qualify as a GDPR request and GDPR does not require removal of all data, there are several categories of data that can be retained, some of which are required to be retained by other laws.

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Why are people on a pro-privacy forum advocating for not allowing account deletions?

Can someone from purism please just delete my account?

Purism is using off-the-shelf forum software (Discourse). It is not a question of whether Purism is making the option available. It is a statement that the option doesn’t exist. (Of course, I assume Discourse is open source and Purism could fork Discourse and add the option, but I really hope they don’t spend time on that - and believe me I do support privacy.)

I deliberately quoted your text in both of my replies so far, in part to indicate the problems with your original request and probably why Discourse has not implemented this misfeature.

As an aside: Discourse only allows deletion when the post count is ridiculously low. So never request deletion via a forum post. You are just making it more likely that deletion is not possible.

Also, how far would you go with this? Clearly, except for Round Table, anyone (Google, other search engine, Wayback Machine, …) could have a copy of your post. So even if deleted from the forum, it would not be deleted from the internet.

Also, to what extent is a forum post “personally identifying information” (PII)? You have a right to remove user attributes from your profile (if any) but you can mostly do that yourself anyway. You probably never provided PII to Purism as part of the creation of your forum account.

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Purism can remove my account via the discourse admin panel at any time, regardless of post count. I have made too many posts for this option to be accsssable to me, the end user.

Discourse already supports manually deleting posts, and their UI handles quotes of no-longer-existing posts.

I’m not trying to delete my posts from various archives, i’m asking Purism staff to stop hosting them on their website.

Based on the text matching tech being shown off recently, I would say that a large collection of texts written by a given person would be considered PII. It’s unclear when the laws will catch up to this.

Regardless, I am asking purism staff to delete my account, not for a discussion of the merits of account and data deletion.

Please take your discussion elsewhere, it is blatantly off-topic here.

Then contact purism at their support address instead of opening a forum post.


Users can’t be deleted if they have posts. Delete all posts before trying to delete a user. (Posts older than 60 days old can’t be deleted.)

Directly from admin interface. We can anonymize your account if you want.


Telling you the way things are is not the same as advocating for something.

You must have confused this forum with reddit.


It appears that the maximum number of delete-able posts can be modified through the admin panel, then you should be able to use the “Delete All Posts” option, enabling account deletion.


Thank you, we will consider to enable this.


This is not possible if the account is created with a temporary email service that can only receive emails.

I hope that Purism can delete this person’s account. Even though I have no desire to delete my account here, I understand their frustration very well.

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Any update on getting that setting changed? I’d like to get this resolved. Thanks!

Whether or not Purism finds a way to delete the account (Discourse seems to be opposed to allowing deletion of accounts and posts), you’re already on as of April. If you don’t want someone else to store your information, don’t give it to them in the first place.