Desired Improvements For The Librem 15v4

I’d like to see these options in the upcoming Librem 15 versions:

  • Quad-Core
  • 32 GB RAM
  • a thunderbolt 3 port
  • a better CPU and thus better GPU

Ethernet port missing is not a huge deal, but why not including an ethernet adapter in the options? They are pretty cheap, and people will be more likely to receive everything from you and at the same time, rather than waiting to receive first their laptop and their adapter after few weeks or so. Plus, you’d get a small profit out of this. To me it looks like a win win situation.
Does the internet speed gets limited if using an ethernet adapter? If so, roughly by how much (%)?


  1. Good to have the touchpad centered on the screen (not space bar). Mac Book 15" layout is good for example

  2. Please add English-Russian keyboard option - many people will want to buy it from Russia or Ukraine.

  3. And yes, more modern processor would be good: i7 with 4 cores 8 threads, some i7 HQ if possible

  4. Much bigger battery capacity, for example like Lenovo Yoga 920 has, which allows to work

    • 10,8 h on 4k monitor variant and

    • 15,5 h with FullHD monitor

Thanks! Good notebook!

[quote=“Aleksey, post:38, topic:1902”]Good to have the touchpad centered on the screen (not space bar). Mac Book 15" layout is good for example[/quote]I doubt it. Have VOSTRO | 1720 with the touchpad centered on the keyboard excluding the numeric part. If the touchpad were centered on the screen, it would be accidentally touched a lot by the right hand while typing.

About the need for pervasive use of ECC memory.

Touch-pad and keyboard layout not a big deal to me so. Points 2,3,4 are most important to me.

Caps Lock and NumLk state indicators!!! Audible feedback keeps me from going completely insane, but visual would be much, much better.

Volume controls that can be operated with one hand. I’ve got big hands, but its still more often a miss than a hit to reach Fn and the up-down arrows with thumb and pinkie. Definitely out of reach for the vast majority.

V3 keyboard and track pad are above my expectations, but the above are definite deficiencies IMO.

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Damn straight. I want my ethernet port back - I’m not done with it yet.

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Ditto on:

thunderbolt 2 or 3

and use rowhammer mitigation

My 1st gen Librem 15 laptop already got this :+1:

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Just so everyone knows, if I could go back and edit the post, I’d probably remove the 4K resolution and demands for IceLake. 1080P is fine and it looks like IceLake won’t be coming until late 2019 or even 2020. I only hope chips before that will get the Meltdown / Spectre fixes.

Truthfully I’m just thankful for any improvements and more options. I think all in all Purism should simply just provide more options rather than just a set package deal that you can’t edit.

Currently your only options when choosing a laptop are in the memory and storage.

I will stick by the rest of them though, especially my desire for a more multi-core CPU. Dual-core Skylake is just silly now I think. Intel 9th-Gen will have 8 Cores and the AVX-512 instruction set, not to mention as with every generation it’ll have improved per-core performance. Aside from all that - chipset improvements too.

Thus, if you’d upgrade to the 9th Generation chips, it’d be a massive upgrade from those dual-core Skylakes. I’d seriously consider it if I were Purism.

They haven’t been released just yet, but I think the company should pounce on them to put in their next laptop release when they do. I suppose IceLake will have to be for the Librem 15 v5 and it’s sisters sometime in 2019 or 2020.

Two thing to add if it’s not to late:

  • Caps Lock on/off light and NumLk light.
  • Ability to run 3 monitors (laptop monitor + 2 externals) via HDMI or USB C
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one more. mute out ethernet sending capability in the HDMI port such as that even if the HDMI cable can transport ethernet data it can’t because of electrical dead wiring.

I would also strongly support the idea of having Thunderbolt 3 on the notebook! It would be great to have just one cable to do everything - i.e. change the notebook, connect all the peripherals - keyboard, mouse, printer, DVD drive, external monitor(s) plus all the connectivity (network cable, audio cables).
Moreover the rest of my family could easily use the same setup with their MacBook or PC with Windows without the any modification. All necessary interfaces are already implemented directly on the interface which is a great advantage compared to USB docking station.

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Vega GPUs, AMD CPUs, and hot swap batteries! It really has no ethernet currently? I don’t see it on the tech specs :frowning:

fn key at left most. The same layout like Lenovo and Apple

Please no, I prefer to have Ctrl as that bottom left key.

Maybe another optional keyboard configuration but please don’t get rid of the current Ctrl in the bottom corner?


Aye, ctrl in lower-left corner is essential. Replace it with something else and I won’t buy it. I have over 30 years of keyboard use with ctrl in lower left corner. I’m definitely not willing to change my habits at this stage. Also full sized arrow keys. Keep them, please.

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