Desktop Environment Discussion


I don’t want to argue about this either so I’ll let it drop. I think when it comes to arguing about software, people tend to see what they want to see.

Regarding windows desktop management. Windows 10 has a multiple desktop feature that is very similar to how gnome 3 does it.

I have 6 monitors on my setup, and for me multiple desktops are unnecessary. On the Librem quick switching between desktops is fantastic.

The more I use Linux, the more I see the argument is pointless.

I look at OSes now as more like tools. You use the right one for the job.


I agree. :neutral_face:


Try using Windows 10 on a PC which is 10 or 15 Years old. Good luck. With Linux you still have a good working PC.


Yep new features typically require more computing power. But also this is part of the upgrade machine that keeps the yearly updates profitable. That being said, windows 10 will run on anything that ran 7. Whether it will have drivers is on the computer manufacturer and not ms.


what other DE do you like and why

KDE is what I use.
The main reasons for “why” is partially because the UI is really good but also because when I started running Linux other DEs like Xfce were really bad IMHO. KDE was kinda like my “breath of fresh air”.
Some other DE’s I like:

My best advice is to just install a bunch and test them (for debian). Most DE let you easily switch.
I see you are new to Linux, here are some resources to try: Best Linux Desktop Environments for Noobs, Best Linux Desktop Environments for Everyday Users.


Thanks for the response! Can I ask why using components from Elementary OS is a concern? As far as I can tell they aim to offer things very similar to PureOS. (Admittedly I don’t see one reference to FOSS though which I know is a hot button among many.)


I am not fully aware of the amount of software the Pantheon for Debian DE installs but I do remember it installing some applications like the AppCenter. I would doubt that it installs any non-free software.
Here are some good resources:

Note: AppCenter does showcase non-free software. Many applications listed aren’t made for Debian and therefore might not work.


for me it’s gnome because i prefer the bottom-up way of customisation it provides and the fluidity of changing windows and workspaces. it’s suitable for single monitor environment.
hehe ! talk about non-obtrusive - just use CLI


@reC Really agree. On a single monitor Gnome just really shines. On multiple monitors it is still great just a lot of what makes it great becomes unnecessary.

@LastDragonDog66 ahhh! Makes sense. For the record I tried Elementary OS yesterday, and while they really have put a lot of work into the finish and shine, I found that it felt too simplified for me. Also the link to the repo for Pantheon does not appear to be maintained currently.