Devkit for ubports


Agreed. But help us understand. From the original announcement one would naively assume that you have contact data of Marius Gripsgård and Ricardo Mendoza. Are they both not responding?
I mean, there are several reasons why it’s in the best interest of Purism to resolve this quickly. :pensive:


Sure. I realize that it’s not a good thing if people who were promised devkits don’t get them, and it’s certainly not good in terms of maintaining trust between parties.

My understanding is that there were a number of development boards assigned to development groups. I’ve only been made aware of the efforts to get boards to GNOME and Plasma Mobile developers, and really only vaguely aware of those. I don’t know the status behind that effort. Some developers were backers of the campaign and already have their own boards, of course. There are people in the Librem 5 Matrix rooms who are affiliated with other mobile OS groups.

I always understood that UBports was another desirable software stack to have running on the Librem 5, but any arrangement happened quite a while before I started doing work for Purism. It’s good to get a link to follow, so thanks for that. :smile: I don’t personally have the contact details for those developers. I assume that they are on a distribution list that one of the higher-ups has. I think there was some attention given to this recently but don’t have anything concrete to share. :frowning:

All in all, it’s not great that people are still waiting for boards, but they haven’t been forgotten. I don’t think there’s been a falling out between Purism and UBports. If there has then it was kept very quiet by all parties. :wink:


How about asking them? This all sounds quite unprofessional and displays bad internal communication. I see all the good work Purism is doing so I can’t understand why this is handled so poorly.

These are small things but very important in the free software community (in fact, in all communities). Same with the launch of the Librem one where the forked software was not properly credited. With such actions you lose (their) support/credibility before you even got it. Rebuilding trust is difficult and takes time.


You’re not exactly encouraging him to be transparent.
He already stated they don’t think it’s a good situation to have.

Don’t assume he doesn’t ask. Don’t assume they all sit collocated, same time-zone, in a cozy office and can merely shout “Hey, anybody got those details?”. Could be the person who had the correspondence in their mail box left the company.


How so?

I don’t. He did:

I was not attacking @david.boddie - I just wanted to explain such cases shed a bad light on Purism and they should take it more seriously. It’s not like it happened yesterday.
They also reacted on the ‘not crediting the software forks’ quickly. Such things happen but I had wished this would have been handled in a better way. That’s all.


I can ask again. When the person responsible for handling this has been told about it, and they are putting in extra effort to care of it, I try not to nag them all the time about it. They have other things to do. I have other things to do.

I’ll post another message to this topic when I get more information.


On a side note, I noticed that craftyguy at AftermarketOS has been testing the Librem 5 Dev Kit. Here is what he was able to test:
USB Networking:
Touchscreen: Works
Display: Works
WiFi: Partial
Xwayland: Partial
3D Acceleration: Partial
Audio: Partial
Bluetooth: Partial
GPS: Works
Mobile data:
USB OTG: Partial

Most items on the list are blank and were apparently not tested. He must have tested flashing because otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to do the other tests. It is pretty sad that he wasn’t able to get more things working. I wonder what the problems were.

There are other devices that do much better with AftermarketOS, but the Librem 5 dev kit was the only device that has a working GPS with AftermarketOS, so that is something to celebrate.


I think all of those things have been tested to some extent by others. The underlying software has been developing since the devkit was shipped, so many things that didn’t work initially now work to some extent.


OK, we have the contact information for the main two UBports developers. I’ll try to get back to everyone here when I hear something about boards being tested and shipped out - unless you hear from the UBports developers first. :wink:

There were a limited number of devkits available when they were made and the paying backers were top priority. There weren’t as many spare boards as we had hoped and, of course, the Librem 5 team need working boards (and one or two spares).

Anyway, I’m happy to talk to the UBports developers directly about their expectations, if they’re still interested in talking. :smile:


Hello, David,
I am very happy to hear this information from you ! Many, many thanks for your efforts ! I wait longingly for the Librem 5.


Any news about that? Have you spoken with the Ubports developers?


I have not personally spoken to them, and nobody has contacted me. The issue keeps coming up in meetings, so we haven’t forgotten about it. :smile:

If I remember correctly from a recent team meeting, all the right people in Purism will be in the right place with the “spare” devkits this coming week (or two, I forget) to be able to decide what happens with them. The “spare” devkits needed some work doing to them to make sure they were usable.

We’ll see what happens. I don’t want to promise anything because it’s not me who has to sort this out.


That’s sad because I know they already have (for a while now) the pinephone development kit, and the Librem 5 project was announced one and a half years before, but still no devkit. It’s like you (Purism, not you personally of course) don’t really care about them!


I believe that two devkits should have arrived with UBports folks recently. :smiley:

Beyond that, I don’t have any more information. I hope that the boards survived shipping and that the developers can do something interesting with them.



It’s confirmed that the dev-kits have arrived on the “Ubuntu Touch Q&A 55” at 37:14

The focus will go to the Pinephone first, because they are already working on it, but they expect a lot of that work will also help porting to the LIbrem5.

Thank you for looking into this and thank you Purism for sending the dev-kits!


Thanks for the update!


Ubports on Librem 5 dev kit:


That video is awesome. Now I’m going to have a hard time deciding which interface to use. :thinking:

Having played with phosh in Qemu, I like it, but UBports looks even better!
I would love to see an option to dual boot, because I know that I’m going to want to constantly reinstall just to see how UBports and KDE Plasma Mobile are progressing.

After years of being stuck with just Android, I don’t know if I can handle all this choice! :grin:


I love the swipe gestures of Ubports!! I woukld prefer the SailfishOS ones, but the UI is closed source :disappointed_relieved:


With time there might come the possibility to choose between different UI in some kind of login screen. I think postmarketOS will probably be the first to support this. Some of the devs have a L5 devkit. And i think they have Plasma and Gnome running and posh and unity 8 in a WIP state.