Does Pureboot work with other Distros? (For example, Zorin OS)


I wanted to ask if Pureboot works with other Distros.

Does Pureboot only work with PureOS?

If I install another Distro, will Pureboot break? If I choose a Debian based Distro, will Pureboot work then?

Unfortunately, from what I’ve just learned, PureOS just doesn’t have 32-bit support to run WineHQ, so I got to switch to one that can, so I can play Fallout New Vegas and work on modding. I like PureOS, it’s a nice OS, and Purism has fantastic customer support, those people are really great, so it sucks that I won’t be able to rely on them for help with the new Distro.

I’m choosing Zorin OS 16 Pro 64-bit (Apparently is based on Debian and Ubuntu) because they have apparently really good Windows app support and I’d appreciate any help from official support. I’m assuming booting from a USB to install the Distro is similar to with Windows and isn’t hard to do.

I’m wondering if I should keep Pureboot because I really respect the Librem Key and Pureboot Tamper Detection Feature, or switch to Coreboot through Purism’s Coreboot Utility if problems will happen if I switch to Zorin OS.

Thank you for any help.

I ended up asking Purism Support, and they quickly replied back to me. Apparently Pureboot is Distro Agnostic, I guess that means it can work with other Distros basically, but so long as the /boot partition is kept seperate and unencrypted.

Now I just got to make sure that the Zorin OS Pro installation and disk encryption leaves the /boot partition seperate and unencrypted.

Thank you very much again Purism Support.


So yes, basically, Pureboot can work with other Distros.