Does steam spy?


Then I’ll go back to the original question. I’d recommend the user build a separate system for Steam if there is important work going on the original system. My assumption is since Steam is used a lot for games, it implies that mixing work and play on the same system could cause a potential problem.


also… if you’re using steam your using games i assume, which is another application/potential security hole. games are held to a VERY low standard security wise.


You’re joking right?

Iraq War in the UK (They argue it was legal, it wasn’t.)
GCHQ illegally collecting data.
MKUltra in the US.
Russia Killing an agent on British Soil

This are a couple examples that came to mind within a couple seconds.


I won’t admit what a gov’t does ‘really is’ legal. But I’m saying behind each case there is (or was) some piece of paper covering their asses in case they get called out. I bet even in the FSB some Russian bureaucrat has some piece of paper authorizing it.

I woudn’t worry about it unless your head is suddenly covered by a black bag and you disap…


There really wasn’t and isn’t in a lot of cases.

MK Ultra is the prime example of this, it was entirely illegal with no given justification. It was a deep state op and not even sure if the president was aware. You never know with the CIA.


Let it go, guys. Zero to do with “Steam” or “General security & privacy chat”. New topic in a registered-users only category?


Is it just me, or does this forum attract a lot of nutcases and wannabe “h4xx0r” types?


mmm yes. I lie I know how to computer.
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I doubt there’s government backdoors in it but, there’s many reasons to distrust closed-source code like that.

If steam doesn’t “spy”, any of the games could have code in it that does. I don’t think this is paranoid at all, for example: games for android are also full of spying for advertising (including uploading your contacts and photos, sometimes). And then there’s anti-cheating code whose whole task is to keep watch what you run on your PC and pass it to the vendor.

This kind of data could be sold in bulk, to any party like advertisers, insurance agencies, or even governments.

When I run steam or any other closed-source game I run it a sandbox just to be sure.