Double Click/Hold Buttons to Trigger Actions on L5

Would love to see a way to set Double Click and Hold actions for the power button while the phone’s screen is off. I personally use hold for flashlight and double-click for camera, but I can think of some options:

  • Run a custom shell script
  • Flashlight
  • Camera
  • Rotate (Toggle or rotate in specific way)
  • Launch any Application (or Web App)

Android has varying support for this, it would be nice to have good software support on the L5. The custom shell script could also come in handy for writing custom actions.


A very good idea. I have no idea if that’s possible but, definitely worth exploring. We had some talk about what could be done with the other HW stitches, but for got about that. Isn’t there a slight chance of accidental shutdown though - should that be the longest press? I’d love to set it for camera (or anything else) with screen on too.

A related issue, I suppose:

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On android, this is combated by only doing it while the screen is off, and making it a 5-10 second button press to turn on the flashlight (with instant feedback, so you stop pressing when the light turns on), and a 20-30 second press to shut off the device.