Double headphone jack?

Dual USB-C would be a lot more interesting, and should be standard for all phones :stuck_out_tongue:


Even a triple USB C would be a pure dream, that way we would have a real pocket computer (btw it would be a bit funny and very cool to see a 2019 smartphone with a lot of USBs when every other phone companies are making expensive bricks with no other choice than BT that drains your battery like crazy)

Because why not.


That’s obviously a phone made for spiders. :upside_down_face:


Let’s get the initial Librem 5 out the door first, then focus on improvements for the (hopeful) successor.


@Nami, I photoshopped found you a $0.99 alternative:

The advantage is that it only affects the one in 5000 customers (you) who thinks this is needed.

The official reason (besides the unofficial “we can sell you stupid upgrades”) why most companies remove the headphone jack instead of adding a second one, is space requirements. And I think Nicole mentioned that they also don’t have plenty of it.

To get two jacks in the Librem 5v2, I think you’d have to come up with a real good use case plus a customer base. E.g., define the second jack to be mic/phones-autosense, then lobby hundreds of ornithologists who want to use headphones and a directional microphones at the same time.

@s3ns0r, I honestly think 7 lenses are more useful to have (with proper software) than two jacks :wink:


The only use case I can find for 2 jacks is if you lose your headphones during a flight and then have to steal
those cheap ones they give you on a plane :slight_smile:

Also, you can flex to people around you who don’t have even a single headphone jack, that you even have
two. Don’t forget to do it with the following expression for a maximum wow effect:

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That’s doesn’t look like 2x 3.5mm jacks?

Well, if you lower the resolution in the markup, not only do you save us some scrolling, you might also be able to closely match 3.5mm. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: While the two plugs are mono, they are possibly still legitimate 3.5mm plugs. (Unless you scale them to 2.5mm plugs… :wink:)

I do not need such a 2nd jack. For whom is this, for NSA that they can directly listen?


I think it’s called wire-tapping :upside_down_face:

Well sure, I could buy that thing. I was going to talk about it. But decided not to, and expected someone to bring it up. But who wants to carry around a cube/cables everywhere, and then someday you don’t have the thing with you/or lost it and want to share the audio with someone you love. You can’t. That’s exactly why I had to bring this up. Just to see what other people think about the idea. But I mostly got people talking about cameras and other stuff.
If Nicole mentioned this, I’m sorry, didn’t know, It was fun while it lasted :slight_smile:
Also, do you believe in a Librem 5 v2? I do, but not in the next few years. They are mostly going to focus on software improvement. Meaning that double headphone jack will probably not even be in the list, instead a dead meme.

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Another low-effort approach would be to use a BT phones for the second one when needed.

Well, I do!
Unfortunately there were some PR hiccups lately. I hope they can fix that and launch the phone more smoothly than the services bundle.

That is actually my main concern. Communication, PR, marketing.
If they do it right, the phone should become their cash cow (actually the services even more so) and pay for its own future. I believe those products have more value outside the idealist bubble of those who buy the laptop.

Rightly so. However, if you look at the team page, its clear that everybody has different responsibilities, as Jeremiah also just pointed out. So, very likely there will be a v2 in a 1…2 year time-frame like for the laptops, but I expect rather small optimizations in it.


For some reason, I don’t think this use case is applicable for the target audience of this project.
I don’t want to be more sarcastic in order not to offend anyone, I already trolled the hell out of
this topic and derailed it to a discussion of 3.5 and 2.5mm standards, not something I enjoy to do,
but you have to understand that with demands like this, you will end up in the list of most bizarre feature
requests someone ever asked, if such category exists somewhere. So I helped you out with the 5 cameras
to mild it down a bit :wink:


I’m sorry but that’s plain stupid said, sorry. How can one not care for what you buy for this much money. You see $599 was alot and I am not about to spend that much money if I can’t even give suggestions and feedback, or atleast care for what I have bought. I am not a cold-hearted killer that just wanna have a secure freedom respecting phone, but a cozy one aswell. A phone that isn’t just focused on the inside but also on the outside. The time put into a phone should be heart-welcoming.

No one is stopping you from giving suggestions/feedback. The community members are pointing out that this particular suggestion is unlikely to get any traction because it is a very niche request.

Sure, some of that feedback may not have been the tone you would desire from a companies official response, but this wasn’t an official response from Purism, it was feedback from other people that also likely spent that same $600 on a phone that also want their feedback heard.

We all care about what we’re buying and the majority of people using a smartphone just don’t have a need for this feature; and most of us who have pre-paid for this phone don’t want the added resources spent on a niche request when there are other more important places those resources could be spent, like getting core functionality working in a stable and consistent way so that the phones can be shipped.

Just a thought.

Edit: for what it’s worth the community did also provide multiple alternative solutions so that you could have the requested functionality without physical modification to the current phone design.


Please, don’t say “the community”. It’s really just a few individuals.

While, yes, this is likely to be a niche request it’s a valuable one. The result of the discussion may be, we need to watch out that simultaneous output on a physical jack and a (or several) BT-connected listening device(s) is supported by the software. I’m not sure this is actually possible on a PC yet.

Good discussion though! :+1:

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I’ll concede that I could have been more precise in articulating “the community members involved in this discussion that have responded to you here or hearted messages here” instead of “the community”. As I was writing my initial message I thought those details were implied; being as the community members who have not contributed to this specific thread are obviously not spoken for.

I don’t disagree with your thought of having the option to split audio so that stream a goes out the headphone jack, stream b goes out to Bluetooth device b, and you could even take this to stream c going to Bluetooth device c and maybe stream a also going to Bluetooth device d, while we’re at is, USB audio out can have audio stream a as well. I personally would rather this be something figured out by a third party as opposed to Purism because I would rather their time be spent on other things. That is just my personal preference; nothing more, and nothing less.

To your point about not being aware if this is possible on a PC, it may be worth suggesting this as a feature upstream and letting it work it’s way down to PureOS?

This is very well possible. Pulse Audio and Jack both support it. But they both lack easy to use configurator for such convoluted setups. You’d need to dive into terminal and use command line to make it work.


Double 3.5mm audio jack sounds like a waste of space. In fact I doubt that it is even worth the weight it would add. I think an extra 3.5mm audio jack might even be worse than just an empty space since an empty space is at least lighter.

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