EVERGREEN: Librem caller sounds muffled to the recipient (SOLVED)

Call recipient reports that I sound muffled during phone call. I tested again by calling my home phone. Since there was a slight delay from one network to the next, I could tell that my voice does sound muffled on the other end. Intelligible, but muffled. My mobile carrier is an AT&T MVNO that usually sounds great.


Thanks for sharing, hope the call quality improves.

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And obviously, this might just be an issue with my phone and not necessarily anyone else’s’.
The phone was connected to the charger at the time of the call.

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joke : is it just me or is that StingRay looking toward me ? :joy:


At this moment we’re gathering audio from both microphones (top and bottom one) and apply quite strong echo cancellation - I guess that’s where the “muffled” voice comes from. Echo cancellation parameters can still be tweaked (I settled on a set of params that’s pretty close to PulseAudio’s defaults so far), and of course we could only use a single microphone from the other end than the currently active speaker; however, I haven’t figured out a clean way to do that yet as there’s bunch of non-obvious obstacles on the way there. Let’s see if we can come up with a clean solution before we resort to ugly hacks though :smiley:


Nah, its your throat mic at 30,000 feet at Mach 2.

Posting it here as well since it’s very related:


Thanks for doing this

I got confused. L5 sounds muffled to the recipient or the the L5 user hears the sound muffled ? The recordings on L5 above sound muffled not on nokia.

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Is there anymore updates on the muffled voice issue?

I only meant that MY outgoing calls sounded SLIGHTLY muffled to the other end, and after I followed @Kyle_Rankin 's advice to adjust the internal mike volume, the quality improved. Other people with L5s have said the quality is fine, so I wouldn’t take my initial impression posted on day one to mean that every L5 will sound the same.

Everyone should use the recordings that @dos posted as the official point of reference, not my less precise choice of words.

You all might want to ask the other recipients here in the forum what they think of the voice quality; that way you’ll have a wider sampling than just me.


As @dos said:

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While I appreciate it, I would say this is pretty urgent, if you are selling a smartphone, then cellular calls should be 100% working.

I understand & think the L5 is an amazing milestone, but if calls are muffled, how can Purism say the phone is ready for sale?

EDIT: So amarok this issue was resolved after you turned the internal microphone up? Can you please explain furthur?

Simple: it might just have been my settings, and now it’s much better. I never meant to imply it was every L5. How do you perceive the quality on @dos 's recordings?

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That’s exactly it.

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You better edit the top post too, it seems (I touched the topic a bit), just to avoid confusion :slight_smile: Some may experience similar issue, so they can find how to mitigate it.


Maybe Purism should have the default mic volume turned up?

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This may be only tangentially connected and your reply may start a new thread, but regarding voice quality, maybe, if you have time and interest, you could test Simon and see if it works for voice commands…? Simon GUI probably doesn’t work that well with small screen (?) but maybe its voice commands can be used to ease L5 use as after initial setup the GUI shouldn’t be needed.

Some voice command ideas

Since it’s easier to remember a limited number of commands, a bit of a “recommended” list could be created based on suggestions. Not sure how some of these would be done in Simon. App opening commands could probably in most cases be piped with the the most common action (play music, read new messages etc.) but some of the apps could have other functions that are needed often too. How about, for starters:

  • screen lock
  • call emergency [911/999/000/112…]
  • close microphones [SW switch]
  • close networking [SW switch]
  • close wifi [SW switch]
  • music open [player - Lollypop or other]
  • music play [from library or selection, random]
  • music stop [pause]
  • music skip [skip to next track]
  • music close
  • map open
  • map location [show]
  • map close
  • tell battery left [percent or minutes]
  • record sound [ambient, phone]
  • recording stop
  • browser open
  • browser goto [+ bookmark name (predetermined address)]
  • browser close
  • reader open
  • reader news [news feed topics?]
  • reader close
  • email open
  • email inbox [new message topics and senders]
  • email …
  • email close
  • messages open
  • messages read [new messages/SMS…]
  • messages close