External HDMI suddenly not working

I’ve had no monitor problems with my Librem13 until today. I pulled it out of my backpack, plugged into my external monitor and … nothing. I get a brief flash on the monitor as -it- detects something, but then it gives up and goes back into power save mode. I’m running the stock Purism OS (kernel 4.2.3purism-rc2). I’ve tried the Fn+F7 key but it doesn’t don’t do anything. ‘Detect Displays’ in the preferences panel doesn’t find it either.

Does anyone know how I can figure out if my HDMI connector broke, or if I borked some setting somehow?


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Internet is full of advices, like: https://www.lifewire.com/fix-hdmi-connection-problems-1846811. I can only suggest to try different monitor, or try another PC with the same monitor.

Also, Jeff noted it couldn’t hurt to test the HDMI signal:

Well, thanks for the tips, but the problem was apparently either software or firmware. I booted from a USB stick (for unrelated reasons) and it suddenly started working again. Then when I rebooted into PureOS, it remained working. So its fixed, but I don’t know why.

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I had the same problem and this trick worked for me:

Anyone saw random blinks when using powerful cell phone? Blinks, which synchronized with cell phone activity. I mean blinks on internal and external screen.