Fairphone is not like Purism

If you got the Murena website, you can buy Fairphone 3 and 4s with /e/ preinstalled. I bought my FP3s from there back before they switched their name to Murena.

As someone who has been using /e/ for about 3 years now, I can tell you that de-googled Android works, and is an option. If you don’t like the idea of desktop class software and convergence it is a good option.

The Librem 5 is better because it is running a desktop class operating system. Full stop.


This is what you understood? Great. Let me just say this: I love US and its people. I have lived several years of my life in the US and still love and enjoy the open minds of this country who share instead of hide information.

This does not mean that I use lenses that hide the wrong doing of US and see only the wrong doing of others.

You are wrong about me as you do not know me of course. Let me finish by just noticing that sorrow, pain, hunger, loss of life, feels the same in NewYork, Paris, Berlin, Athens, Tel-Aviv, Cairo, Baghdad, Tehran, Beijing, Tokyo etc.


I think I read in their forums that it’s the only, or one of the only phones that can relock the bootloader without bricking, after /e/OS installation. (But verify first, if that ability is important to you.)

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The closer you look the more Purism Librem 5 is unique in a positive way.

Freedom and responsible development / design / people are not so easy to replace. Why I wait for my Librem 5 almost patiently.

Maybe here you get the phone you considered as a substitute


you have a look at an even more interesting way named
Volla Phone
promising free and open source software.
Ubuntu Touch and a completely de-Googled Android with alternative handling. Not cheap, not bad.

Open hardware is available from one supplier … Purism (Librem 5)

you may have heard of the giants shoulders we lay our phones on … Librem 5 is a hands on means to reduce spying on me and taking control over my privacy. Richard Stallman is one of these giants and I say Thank you Richard and the team of Purism to take care for my fate in a positive way. Not less.

Purism (Librem 5)
looks like I look forward to it :wink:

What an utterly misguided post … which I fully support being online, because … freedom of speech :smiley:

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I have installed /e/ OS on a Samsung S9. The easy-installer worked well for me on MacOS. But I had issue like you on Windows. And another issue on Linux Debian. Not sure if issues where my fault, I did not check the log. But I can conclude it worked well on MacOS.

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The US government losing money/wealth is irrelevant to the US corporations in control. As long as the military industrial complex profits from these wars (and they do), the US government can continue to lose money, accumulate more debt, raise taxes on the non-wealthy, and cut domestic programs. I agree that we, the US citizens and the US government, are losing more than we are gaining with these wars, but the wars are not for our benefit. The wars are for the benefit of those that profit from them.

Also, the US is known for not treating our veterans well when they return from wars. We are known for the worst health care (if you would call it that) in the modern western world. We have the money/wealth to afford the best health care for our people, especially our veterans, yet we have a required insurrance middle-man system designed to minimize benefits for the citizen in order to maximize profitability (which also maximizes suffering).

The negatives that you described are either irrelevant or even desireable (for profitability) to the people in power.

I’m not discounting the other things that you said (obviously China and Russia are authoritarian nightmares and the region is currently very unstable), but you really aren’t seeing the whole picture of the US based on this question that you asked. I think you underestimate our evils here in the USA.


RMS is the best.

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How about all the off-topic stuff (unrelated to Fairphone) forks off into Round Table?


If you want to go into politics, standard moderation warning: please support your claims with some evidence. From now on, I’ll remove future posts that make controvresial claims without citing sources.


Nothing at all. I agree with your sentiment to avoid Chinese goods. I was just bothered by the specific question you asked and the fact that no one responded to it. I don’t think that the US caused the Russian invasion into Ukraine, and I don’t see the US as an evil mastermind causing all world problems. I just think that we need to separate the US government from the US corporations that control it if we want to understand the workings of the USA as a whole.

My only objection to this is that I will no longer be able to read any more replies without logging in, which I rarely do. I really think the Round Table discussions should be publicly viewable without the login requirement.

I was really just trying to keep my comment from becoming a wall of text. It’s not really evidence but imagination that’s needed to demonstrate what I was suggesting.

  • Opportunity costs of investing money in military interventions instead of “in a different way” is a problem for the US government, not US corporations. What evidence would demonstrate this? It is obvious, right? The US government pays these costs with taxpayer money. Certain corporations get government funding which comes from taxpayers.

  • Costs of the lost workforce? I don’t think one can argue that makes sense now with the scale of the US population in modern times, but again, that is not a cost to the corporations that gain the workforce and profit from the wars.

  • Compensations for veterans is again not a problem to the corporations profitting from wars; they do not pay those costs.

  • Side effects like drug addictions are again not a cost to the corporations. However, some other corporations can potentially profit from those addictions, like we saw with the opioid crisis (which I think was the original meaning of this point).

I wasn’t trying to argue with anyone. I just felt bothered by that question and the lack of responses to it, and I decided to respond after having logged in to post on two completely unrelated topics (that I hope get more attention than my posts on this one).

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If you feel triggered by the reactions to your comment (completely unnecessary in the context of the original post), I suggest you move the discussion to the Round Table.

If I was a defender of China/Russia “regimes” and if I was typing this from an EU country, I obviously wouldn’t debate you in conditions that could potentially endanger my life. I mean, nice of you to suggest that.

Then, if I am not a defender of China/Russia regimes your entire off-topic post is … pointless?

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Here we agree.

Wow, has this thread gone to some dark places! :rofl:

The horror… the horror…


Porsche Cayenne bought and added for message and other protrusions length purposes.

LMAO… Care to elaborate?

Well, OK, if that’s the worst problem that you have then … fork off into a separate topic in the Librem 5 category, even though it will obviously be wildly off-topic anywhere in this category.

The point is … the forum software gives you the functionality to fork a discussion so as not to hijack the actual point of the topic (Fairphone).

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@Hristo Seems like it is very difficult to source USA-made part for Purism products. Most manufacturers will always value cost over country-of-manufacture. Purism’s Librem 5 USA costs twice as much as the non-US version, probably due to the cost of manufacturing part in a capitalist economy. Therefore, for the vast(?) majority of people unwilling to pay almost $2000 for a phone, a phone made in China is the next best thing.

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When I installed calyx on my pixel 7 I locked the booloader and still get the warning on every boot.

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I don’t agree that “Made in China” is the next best thing. Samsung manufactures it’s phones outside of China and are doing fine.
Why do you assume that China is the cheapest country to manufacture electronics in the long run?

  1. China is not so poor anymore. The wages increased dramatically over the last 30 years. 30 years ago the average African was richer than the average Chinese. Now the situation is completely different.
  2. Every risk can be accounted for with a price. China brings currently huge political risks and potential inability to fulfil contract obligations in case of a war as it was during the COVID pandemic when the Chinese factories were sometimes closed. These risks have their price. Insurance has a price.

On the short term China might still be attractive because of the established supply chains, logistics, infrastructure, and short distance to other Asian suppliers.
But this does not tell us anything about the long run.

The World is huge. There is Central America, South America, Africa, East Europe. Why China and not for example Nigeria or Egypt or Mexico or Ukraine? I know if you look at today you can always find argument “why not”. But if you look 20 years in the future, China could get some serious competition if the consumers and manufacturers start taking the question of diversification seriously. It is just plain stupidity to put all eggs in one basket.
russia hoped that Europe would have accepted the annexation of Ukraine due to a huge natural gas dependency. They expected that Europe could not afford to say no and would accept blackmailing. China hopes that the World would accept the annexation of Taiwan due to an even larger electronics dependency and expects that the World could not afford to say no. Sorry, but for me after what russia did, such dependencies and blackmailing are simply not acceptable anymore and people who don’t see the problem and are only interested in price and quality need to finally wake up.