Fan noise


I received my librem 15 this week and have the same issue. I changed the thermal settings in BIOS from automatic to manual but with no result.

I also tried to control fan speed from OS (lm-sensors), but couldn’t find the module to access it (same logs as you).


go to BIOS (F2), move to Advanced and enter CPU configuration. In there try changing things (Performance/Watt, TurboBoots, Overclocking lock etc).

Report here or on (or IRC channel #purism on freenode) if it helped or not.


I’ve restarted my computer 5-10 more times with the different CPU config settings. No changes.

I also played around with the “thermal settings” config, trying to set a lower fan speed. All no effect.

Did all those CPU config settings, no change in fan speed.

Hi, I’ve changed the CPU governor setting to “powersave” (from previously “performance”) using cpufreq-set

cpufreq-set showed that current governor is indeed “powersave”

However, the fan is still on full blast :slight_smile: and the battery seems to be still eaten up pretty quickly.

Any other ideas ?

cheers, HS

Confirmed that the CPU governor “powersave” works, the temperature stay constant at 54 C :


Adapter: Virtual device
temp1: +54.0°C (crit = +105.0°C)
temp2: +54.0°C (crit = +105.0°C)

And I have set in AMI BIOS for the fan to drop to 50% speed if temperature is less than 55%

However, the fan is still going full blast :slight_smile:

Ideas ?

cheers, HS

As I understand it, Purism shipped the laptops defective.

See review on youtube:

Go to 1h 20m.

Myself and others have the same problem. The youtube guys tried to troubleshoot it to no success.

Before I saw these reviews, Purism, for some reason, tried to troubleshoot it with me (with no success, obviously, since they already know about this problem), acting like it was a one-off problem, when everyone has this problem. It wasted a lot of my time.

Only solution, for the moment: open up your case, unplug the fan, let laptop run at 65C.

All that have faulty hardware should send mails to so we can easier manage it from there. Include your order number and description of faulty hardware.

We are sorry for this inconvenience but since then we have changed our QA/QC partner and process so we should detect such things in start. Notice I have Librem15 prototype which doesn’t have the mentioned fan issue at all.

I do have the same problem and really would appreciate to get an update
on the current plan how to resolve this. I contacted support 2 weeks ago about another problem and mentioned the fan noise after they got in contact with me. But so far they didn’t offer any help how to resolve the problem regarding the fan. Did anybody else succeed to solve this without disconnecting the fan? I don’t want to do that … Any help would be very much appreciated. Otherwise I do like the Librem 15 a lot, but this has to be addressed!

Would be good to know the difference between the fan being used in the Librem 15 prototype and the faulty one shipped to customers/supporters. Maybe that way we can fix it ourselves without further delay …

@Zlatan, I have emailed support/Todd/etc asking politely what to do about the fan noise. I just get ignored.


sorry, we are all very busy and get a lot of emails. If we didn’t tackle this with you, please send it again. If you have the fan issue, we will create a return label and work on its repair or just send the new one.

It’s mentioned here that the fan issue has been fixed via a software update :

Harry, with PureOS 2.1 users no longer report this problem. Meaning this was actually a software error which got fixed with new software.

Hi Mladen!..
The whole issue of the fan problem being based upon some software blindspot, brings to mind the whole issue of OUT-OF-BAND MANAGEMENT and LIGHTS-OUT-MANAGEMENT!
Given the unique power vested in a wholly FOSS and FOSH based laptop to enable Out-Of-Band and Lights-Out Management of the configurable hardward elements, will the Purism Librem lines of laptops be looking at some form of Global Out-Of-Band Resource from within the Global FOSS and FOSH communities, to facilitate remote intervention and mediation of Purism Librem user hardware issues? Thanks!

Please!.. no emails!

P.S.: I’m not referring to an OpenGear… or even an OKVM!… solution to OOB/ LO MANAGEMENT! But!… to a “FOSS/ FOSH OOB/ LO MANAGEMENT NETWORK/ PROJECT”, emanating from the Global FOSS/ FOSH OOB/ LO MANAGEMENT COMMUNITY, that is supported by way of the Free Software Foundation! In other words, from other than MERELY Proprietary and/ or “Open Source” Project activity!


I updated to PureOS 2.1 and the fan is still on all the time. Is there a fix for laptops that are not fixed by the software update?

Thank you.

Hey Nik,

huh, sad to read this. Can you check if your fans run on full speed even with live image (Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint)?

Hello again,

I tried Fedora release 25 and still the fan is on full blast. I messed with the BIOS and it didn’t help. I also booted up Archlinux that I have an SSD from the previous Librem 15 I had that I had to send back because the right hinge broke.

The good neews: The tweaks made (no more off switches under the screen) and the overall build quality has improved. So that is good. PureOS 2.1 is also more polished. Finally getting the hang of the package management of Debian.

The fan is quite annoying.

Nik, can you monitor the cpu (and other) temperatures of your laptop to see if this is causing fan to work at full speed? Also, what happens if you boot to bios, the same thing? You can also monitor temperatures from bios.

It will appear you have a hardware with fan issues :-/ when did you receive this laptop? Can you mail with details to (and CC me in as well,